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TYLER IS 11 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie |

Can someone stop the clock please? This time next month I will have a one year old.. say what!

December was such a busy month for us as a family(in short, we moved house, travelled up and down the country for Christmas, all got poorly and got engaged!) so it really feels like this last month has flown by.. Yes I’m aware that I say that every month but this month it really has.
Tyler’s appetite is bigger than ever and I’m pretty sure we spend most of our day feeding him one thing or another. He has discovered the world of sandwiches and pretty much all of “mummy and daddy’s food!” He has also started reaching for the spoon a lot more when we are feeding him and always has one thing in each hand when he’s feeding himself!

We’ve had a monster month with teething and Tyler now has four teeth! His two top teeth either side of where his top middle teeth should be(which still haven’t come through but they are so close!) popped through just before Christmas, at the same time! At least it was Christmas so there was lots of wine to hand.. for me not Tyler of course.

Something I feel I should mention is that Tyler has suddenly sprouted loads of hair and it is crazy and fluffy and I absolutely love it! We’re still unsure as to what the colour is, sometimes it looks very blonde, other times very ginger and mostly quite mousy. I honestly can’t wait to see how his hair continues to grow and who’s hair he will inherit!

This month Tyler fell in love with his walker! It was actually a walker that his cousins used to use at his grandparents house back in Berkshire but he loved using it so much whilst we were there that we had to bring it back to our house! He has really got some speed behind him when he’s walking, it’s scary. He also spends a lot of his time standing up against anything he possibly can and has even had a few seconds here and there of free standing, the panic has set in!

TYLER IS 11 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie |
TYLER IS 11 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie |

Other babies.. Tyler just adores them! Over the Christmas period we saw his cousins, including Isabella who is 4 months old and he was so besotted with her. He repeatedly wanted to stroke her face(and poke her eyes out but we intervened with that obviously) and beamed the biggest smiles at her. We also saw some other family and friends bubas who are similar in age to Tyler and he has learnt how to cuddle them and it is the most adorable thing EVER.

I picked up those cupboard locks that I was talking about in Tyler’s 10 month update and they are amazing, although they are pretty hard to get into, which I know is precisely the point, but they really are tough little beggars.

The controlled crying is still working wonders for us. Tyler has two solid naps in the day now, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, and goes down for bed between 7 and 7.30pm. He does still wake a lot during the night but he actually slept through until 6am the other day which is amazing for how many times he’s usually waking up.

Of course, last month we had our first Christmas as a family of three and it was wonderful. Tyler woke up at 4.20am, I’ve put it down to teething but he could just have been practising for Christmas when he’s a bit older! He was very unhappy all morning and wanted nothing but cuddles and to go to sleep but couldn’t seem to drop off.

Thankfully for the rest of the day Tyler was in a much better mood and was happy to play with his new toys, some of which included a sort of light sabre thing which he is obsessed with, and even slept whilst we ate our Christmas dinner!

Sadly last week we had to make an emergency doctor’s appointment as Tyler picked up the awful cough and cold that I have, which Jack also caught yippie.. Although the doctor was pretty happy with Tyler’s vitals, he did say that it could take up to a week to clear.. I think we’re getting over the worst of it now but it really is so horrible seeing your little one not feeling themselves and not being able to do much about it. Obviously lots of cuddles, fluids and pain relief were prescribed and lots of naps were had, thank goodness!

Next month I’ll be sharing Tyler’s ONE YEAR update, isn’t that insane? I’ll also be sharing a post about Tyler’s first birthday, although as of right now we still have no plans and I have no idea when we are going to find the time to organise something, but here’s hoping we manage to pull something off!

Yours sincerely, a crying mother to an 11 month old.

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  1. Aw he and his teeth? we have only 2 at the moment but based on that baby’s mood swings I think he’ll grow a few more in no time ?
    Can’t believe TJ is 11 months already, time is flying by! ? ps. Can you DM me your address in Twitter? I’d like to send TJ a little birthday present, if that’s okay?

  2. How quickly has your little boy grown?! Wow! He is turning into a right little toddler now!

  3. Aww how cute is he and his fluffy little hair!! Also, congratulations on your engagement! Looks like you will have a busy year ahead of you!! Xxx

  4. Aw he’s so adorable! I love this age with my little beaut. It’s a laugh a minute. The teething was a nightmare, but the laughs made up for those nights.

  5. Oh gosh Tyler's growing so quickly, he'll be walking properly soon enough! Hope he has a fab birthday next month xx

  6. Look at that beautiful smile! Hes so cute! Xx

  7. aw happy 11 months!! hes so cute! controlled crying does wonders for them i find, i honestly dont know how we would've survived if we didn't do it

  8. Time flies when you're having fun as they say! x

  9. I love his hair! And it is so cute how he gets on with other babies!

  10. It has to be the quickest year ever Maisie ? Its flown past, and look at him now, Nannys little cutie xx ❤️xx?

  11. Where does the time go?!?! He's such a cutie mais x

    Gemma Louise

  12. What an absolute cutie, he's just the sweetest! Doesn't time fly! x

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