Self care is something so important to me, especially since becoming a parent. It’s something that I believe every one of us should practice on a daily basis, whether that’s a small does of it or an entire daily routine of self care.

Seeing as it’s such a big part of my life, I thought I’d start a little series here on Love, Maisie all about self care. Of course, self care looks different to everybody, but I’m kicking it off with something that I’ve been meaning to do more regularly for such a long time now and that’s fitness!

I can’t lie, I’ve never been fitness mad. I’ve never been the person who wakes up at 5am so that they can go to the gym before work, nor have I ever been the person that drinks a green juice everyday, I wish I was! But I do love the feeling I get when I complete a work out.

In the past I’ve taken part in circuit training classes and thoroughly enjoyed them, but finding the time to get to a class can be difficult. Thankfully, there are so many YouTube videos that you can follow along with in the comfort of your own home.

Something else that is a lot easier to blend into my routine is simply going for a run. I used to run quite frequently but I haven’t done so once since I had Tyler. At the minute, I keep putting it off because “it’s too cold” or “I’m too tired” but I am vowing to change that as of right now.

I’m sure you know this already, but just in case, when you exercise your body releases endorphins, which are essentially happy hormones and who doesn’t want an influx of those bad boys rushing through their body?

Leggings & Hoodie – Primark

For me, a big part of self care is making time to do things that make me feel good and make me feel happy and exercise does just that. I have always said that when I run, it gives me time to switch off, because I’m purely focusing on my breathing and my pace. My mind doesn’t have time to wonder off into a black hole of anxiety and worry about every little thing in life.

Obviously the health benefits of regular exercise are enormous too, but I won’t go into that today as I’m trying to just focus on the self care side of things.

Accomplishment is a great feeling isn’t it. Signing off on that big work project, completing your daily to do list, we all have different things that make us feel like we have accomplished something great. Exercising gives me a huge sense of accomplishment, which is probably down to those magical endorphins. If you’ve ever done a work out when you really didn’t feel like it before hand, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Sure, you’re sweaty and tired, but you did it and it feels oddly amazing to be dewy and a little bit frazzled.

Gym bag – C/O Hunkemoller

If it makes you feel good, do it. The same applies to your workout gear. If it makes you feel like you can beat that PB, then wear it and own it. I have a small work out wardrobe consisting of a couple of leggings, sports bras and lose fitting tops(for comfort of course, but they look cute still right?!) along with a gorgeous gym bag to keep all my essentials in(and snacks, plenty of snacks).

I decided to ask some other lovely bloggers how exercise makes them feel and here’s what they had to say.

Kerry says: “If I do a yoga or Pilates class it helps focus my mind and keeps me relaxed.

Rachael says: “I don’t do much “exercise” as such but going out for a long walk is one of my favourite things to do. Being a first time mum it can be quite overwhelming and in the early days it was just nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

Georgina says: “Starting Aquanatal as part of my pregnancy has really changed my perception of exercise and the amazing effect it has on your mental well being.

Lianne says: “It makes me feel like I have a positive outlook on life as I’m taking control of my own health and happiness.

Emma says: “It makes me feel so much more positive even if I feel crap before I go, it will change my mood around.

Is exercise a part of your self care routine? How does exercise make you feel? I’d love to know! PS, here’s a little self care fitness sheet you can download for free!(no email address required!) 


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