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On Friday, our little baby boy turned a whole year old and I’m still in disbelief! I remember writing Tyler’s first update here on the blog, which was his 3 month update, and thinking how fast those first few months had gone and now here I am, writing up his 12 month update and honestly wondering how on earth an entire year has passed since Tyler was born.

If you missed Tyler’s 11 month update, you can read it here.

I’ll start with a teeth update as Tyler now has 6 teeth and they are the cutest little things ever. I know I sound mad every time I say that but it’s true! We’ve had a couple of bad nights where Tyler has been quite unsettled with his teething and even though all six teeth are through, I have a feeling that the next lot aren’t far behind.

We’re still not walking(unless it’s with the baby walker) but Tyler can almost stand on his own. He’s been standing up against furniture, the washing machine and just about anything else he can for a good few months now, but he’s still very weary when it comes to standing on his own. He has stood up unaided a couple of times but he very quickly reverts back to sitting or holding on to something, usually my leg ha!

At the end of January, I was beginning to notice that the majority of Tyler’s 9-12 month clothes were looking a little tight and short, so I decided to start organising his 12-18 month wardrobe and my goodness, we have some super cute pieces. A while ago I made a video over on my channel where I featured my favourite pieces from Tyler’s 6-9 month clothes and I’m thinking I might do the same with his 12-18 month bits, if that’s something you guys would enjoy?

I have packed up the perfect prep machine and the steriliser as we are now officially off formula, thank god for that! I hated the stuff.. Tyler is now on Alporo’s soya growing up milk which is specifically designed for 1-3 year olds. Thankfully, his reflux doesn’t seem to be too bad with it, in fact I’d say that his reflux is just the same as it was on the Aptamil anti-reflux milk. I was quite worried about moving Tyler from his thick formula to a thinner milk, but fingers crossed we’re still able to manage his reflux until it decides to bugger off!

Tyler's first birthday cake | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

On Saturday, we had a little first birthday party for Tyler with our friends and family. I made a cake which, if I do say so myself looked and tasted amazing, and we all just hung out at my mum and stepdads house for the afternoon. It was so lovely to see everyone and celebrate our special little mans first year together.

I feel like Tyler’s character is really starting to shine through now. He is stubborn, just like Jack and I and he knows what he wants, just like me ha! He’s such a happy little soul and I hope that he stays that way. Even though it’s been a whirlwind of a year, it’s all been absolutely amazing and watching Tyler grow into the little person that he is today has been so magical.

I’ve actually spent the morning looking back at some of Tyler’s old updates and it makes me so thankful that I have this little space on the internet where I can document not only my life, but Tyler’s too. I think I’m going to leave this post here before it turns into an emotional ramble, so for now, goodbye from me and my ONE YEAR OLD.

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