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I’ve had many a love affair with fashion trends. I might not always love all of the style’s that come around but there are some that are firm favourites of mine that I’m sure will continue to be so for many years to come.


When Chums got in touch and asked me what my favourite timeless fashion trend was, it really got me thinking. When I was doing my GCSE’s my favourite subject was Textiles and my chosen topic for my final piece project was 1920’s style. There’s just something about a fringed flapper dress that I couldn’t not try my hand at! Another period that I am head over heels for is the 1950’s. In fact, I love 50’s style so much, I’m currently on the hunt for a 1950’s inspired wedding dress!


Something that’s becoming increasingly popular as of late is the double denim trend. Unless you were living in hiding, you’ll no doubt have seen this picture in the early 2000’s which pretty much sparked a double denim revolution! The trend seemed to die down for a decade or so before making a big reappearance in the last couple of years. I must admit, at first, I was a little “urgh” about the double denim situ, but it’s certainly grown on me and I’ve even rocked it myself!(Not THAT Britney outfit though)


So today I thought I’d share with you some denim picks that I’m loving at the moment that you could totally pair up for that double denim look!


The Denim Jacket + Mini Skirt

Very 90’s/early 2000’s, right! In the last 12 months, everyone and their dog has been sporting a denim jacket and should the sun decide to shine for us this year, we might even be able to get our legs out! An oversized denim jacket paired with a mini skirt is deffo something that I am totally on board with!

Mixing Shades

Who says that you have to commit to just one type of denim? Why not mix up your shades a bit and contrast your look by going for a light wash denim and a darker colour?


I’m going to put money on the fact that you have a pair of black jeans in your wardrobe, don’t we all? How about a white pair? In my eyes, there really are no rules to style, so why not rock double denim in your monochrome pieces?

DRESS is like Britney

Of course, the denim dress is certainly the easiest way to double denim. It’s basically two pieces of clothing in one, right? And possibly the easiest way to ease into trying out double denim in your wardrobe. As we come into summer, pretty much all of the high street stores are bringing in denim dresses in all sorts of styles. I’ve chosen my favourite picks below(Just click to shop).

What are your thoughts on double denim? Do you think it’s #ATimlessTrend ? I’d love to hear what your favourite timeless trend is? Here’s a pretty cool journey through time through style:

Chums timeless trends | Love, Maisie |

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  1. Margaret says:

    Denim in any style is here to stay. It was here when I came into this world, and it will be here when I am gone. My main staple for any occasion.

  2. Not gonna lie, I love a bit of double denim! It’s not status quo ground anymore! I can’t wait for pinafore and denim jacket season! Hurry up spring!!

  3. Some girls can really rock the double denim look, but I‘m not one to go for it haha Xx

  4. I have such a love hate relationship with denim, I can never find a colour that I like hah! whenever I think of double denim I always think of Jeremy Clarkson haha

    1. oh god no don’t think of that a-hole haha!! Argh, I can’t imagine living without denim! x

  5. I don’t mind double denim as long as it’s different shades of it. I can’t deal with identical matching denim for some reason.. xx

    1. I find if it’s matching you need to get the shades identical, which is tough unless it’s a set! x

  6. I love how fashion rotates! X

  7. I have seen people pull of double denim so well, but I am not too sure that I could!

  8. Double Denim! The outfit out my childhood! I remember jumping on the trampoline with my friends and they were making fun of 8 year old me rocking my double denim! Bitches!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  9. I love that some of the ‘old’ fashion trends are coming back into fashion. I can remember wedding double denim when I was 10 and I loved it

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