Toddler breakfast ideas

When I first started weaning Tyler, I found breakfast to be one of the hardest meals of the day to switch up. As time has gone by, my little baby is now a toddler with a huge appetite. Tyler clearly has his favourite foods and although he can’t talk yet, I’m sure he’d soon have something to say if I gave him the same breakfast every morning.

I’m sure there are many of you out there that have felt the same way as myself, so I decided I would share seven of our favourite breakfast ideas. They’re not just for your little one’s though, they’re also great for the rest of the family to. So without further ado, here is a whole week of breakfast ideas for your toddler!

Monday: Porridge

An old favourite in our house that’s never disappointing. The possibilities are endless with regards to toppings, but our personal favourites are raisins and blueberries. You can add frozen blueberries to the porridge whilst it’s cooking which adds a natural sweetness to the porridge. You can also try adding mashed or chopped banana if blueberries aren’t something that you and your toddler enjoy.

Tuesday: Toast

Sometimes, there’s next to no time for breakfast, but of course it’s still a super important part of your day. Toast is something that you can pop on whilst you’re getting everyone ready and the top with your favourite spread. Jam, butter, marmalade, marmite, nut butters, the choice is yours!

Wednesday: Wheetabix

Another old faithful! We practically grew up on the stuff as kids and I’ve recently introduced wheetabix to Tyler and it’s a hit! Served with sliced banana and a small sprinkle of chia seeds(which are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and calcium). You can pretty much add anything to your wheetabix, even yogurt!

Toddler breakfast Ideas

Thursday: Yogurt

If you’re struggling to get fruit into your little one then yogurt is such a great choice. Quick tip: When deciding on which type of yogurt to actually buy, it’s important to steer away from yogurts that are high in non naturally occurring sugars. As myself and Jack are vegan, we buy Alporo’s soya yogurt, but there are plenty of options out there. You could chop up your choice of fruit and mix it in with the yogurt, or make a fruit compote to “hide” the fruit more effectively.

Friday: Pancakes

No matter what allergies or intolerance your toddler might have, there is sure to be a pancake recipe out there for you. A simple Pinterest search will bring you back thousands of results. Pancakes for breakfast is not only a nutritious start to the day but they’re such a treat too! As we had our pancakes on a Friday, I decided to pop some mini chocolate chips into the mix and then serve with sliced banana and maple syrup, yum!

toddler breakfast ideas

Saturday: Oat bars

Oat bars are another great breakfast for when you’re limited on time. You can batch make and freeze most oat bar recipes so that you always have a healthy breakfast option to hand. I personally like making oat bars that are packed with coconut oil and blueberries. They’re filling and full of goodness! Why not try this recipe?

Toddler breakfast ideas

Sunday: Baby “Full English”

As I mentioned, myself and Jack are vegan and we are raising Tyler vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own veggie versions of a full English breakfast. Veggie sausages, baked beans, fresh tomato and some fried spinach? This is certainly one that the whole family will enjoy!


I hope these breakfast ideas have helped to give your some inspiration! I’d love to know what your favourite toddler breakfast ideas are? And don’t forget to pin this post for later!

toddler breakfast ideas