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20 Things I love this Friday Love, Maisie www.lovemaisie.com

Firstly, happy Friday! Secondly, spring, is that you? The weather we’ve had this week has been beautiful and totally worth the wait, right?! Let’s just hope it decides to stick around for a little while longer! If you missed my last 20 things post, you can read it here.

1. The beautiful spring weather, or should I say summery weather? Of course, I don’t want to jinx it but I am 100% living for these sunny days!

2. Gypsophila (or baby’s-breath). It’s around a lot at the moment in bouquets and it’s one of the main flowers we’re going to be having at our wedding! I just love the whimsical feel of it!

3. This blog post on the 10 most instagramable spots in NYC! Giving me ALL the wanderlust!

4. Marcella. Okay, so I mentioned this series a couple of posts back BUT I’ve now completed seasons one and two and confirm that it is aaaaaamazing! The second season is a lot darker than the first and did take me a couple of episodes to get into but it was totally worth it because it is the best show I’ve watched this year so far. For those of you who have already seen the season two finale, can we say OH EM GEE what a flippin’ intense twist?!Ā 

5. This blog post from Hannah Gale about her identity now that she’s a mama.

6. Slogan tee’s. I’ve always loved myself a slogan tee(or twenty) and recently I’ve picked up quite a few from Primark. They’re basically my go to tops right now. Would you be interested in seeing a “how I style slogan tee’s” post?

7. My shorter hair! I recently had my hair chopped to around my collar bones and I am loving it! I feel like I have so many more styling options than I did with my longer hair. Now I just need to decide what colour to dye it.

8. The summer dresses collection from F&F(Tesco’s!)

9. Say Amen (Saturday Night) by my love, Panic! At The Disco. I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half since Jack and I went to see them! If you’ve not seen the music video, it’s pretty epic too, you can watch it here.

10. This photo of Tyler and I that I took at the park on Thursday. I love him so much it hurts my heart!

20 things i love this Friday Love, Maisie www.lovemaisie.com

11. The Every Mom website. Now that’s it’s officially launched, you can check it out in all it’s glory here.

12. Apple and blackcurrant squash, I’m an easy girl to please!

13. Buddha bowls! Basically, a dinner that’s a little bit of everything. Quinoa, sweet potato, brocolli, salad, tomatoes, a bit of balsamic glaze. Try it, you’ll love it!

14. This recipe for easy carrot cake soft bars by the lovely Sarah of Just Buttons Blog! I made some for Tyler(and who am I kidding, for myself too!) and we love them!

15. The middle isle at Aldi. Need I say more? There are always bargains galore and you seem to discover things that you never knew you needed, but 100% do! They currently have some wooden play food sets that are around Ā£9 and I think I’m going to get the pizza party set for Tyler.

16. Cleanabelle on Instagram! I’ve literally only just discovered Annabelle’s Instagram account and I am living for it! A true cleaning queen!

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On Wednesdays, we clean pink! šŸ˜šŸŒ·šŸ’• If you watch my stories you'll see that I've had a rather unexpected visitor in the kitchen today! šŸ˜‚ I never thought I'd be needing to clean chicken poop off my kitchen floor, but here we are šŸ“šŸ’© After I'd removed the poop I sprayed the floor with the @acecleanuk Power Mousse to get rid of all traces, and then gave the floor a once over with my trusty Dettol spray šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ’– . . . #onwednesdayswecleanpink #pinkpower #cleaning #cleaninghaul #cleaninghacks #cleaningday #cleanqueen #cleaningblogger #homeblogger #cleanhome #cleanandtidy #cleaninglady #cleaningqueen #cleanfreak #housework #springcleaning #springclean #lifestyleblogger #houseworkdone #cleaningproducts #onwednesdayswewearpink

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17. Wedding planning in general! I recently received a super cute “big day” planner from Old English Co and I am just so excited to fill it with all the fine and nitty gritty details of our big day! Oh and drum roll please.. I’ve ordered a wedding dress, can I get a heck yeah from the one’s at the back!

18. These 30 budget friendly spring date ideas.

19. No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande. I wasn’t too sure when I first heard it this morning, but then BBC Radio 1 played it about six times in four hours and now I think I kinda love it.

20. Cheeky Wipes. In case you missed it, I recently shared a blog post all about how and why we’ve switched to reusable baby wipes which you can read here.


What have you been loving lately? I’d love to know!

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  1. This lovely little list makes me feel so happy when I’m reading it! It’s just beaming with positivity… And I too am enjoying the glorious weather we’ve been having lately! I’ve also recently returned after my blogging hiatus, and it’s made me fall in love with blogging all over again.

    1. yay! Glad you’re back gorgeous girlie! x

  2. I’m loving annabelle’s account too!! Love your shorter hair, suits you so much! x

  3. Such a fun post! Iā€™m loving the weather too x

  4. I also got my hair cut as short as yours and Iā€˜m loving it!! Xx

  5. such a good post! ive seen Buddha bowls everywhere and they always look so yummy but im such a picky person so i probably wont like them haha

  6. this is such a lovely post to read right now! there is so much to be happy about! it’s all around us! i am defo loving all the blooms and blossoms out in full force!

  7. I love baby breath flowers too, they are absolutely stunning!

  8. I’m so glad you both loved the carrot cake oat bars!! I just love it’s full of carrot and they don’t even know! šŸ˜ Thank you so much for mentioning me šŸ˜˜

  9. OMG how gorgeous was the warm weather!!! It better be back soon!!
    I love the dettol spray, its a life saver when everyone is sick xx

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