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When you’re having a full on mummy meltdown of a day, having just five minutes to yourself can feel impossible. I wish I could tell you that every week I set aside some proper dedicated me time for a little pamper. I do try, but I’m a workaholic and often find it hard to just relax and treat myself. That being said, when I do decide that it’s time for a pamper evening, I go all out! I thought I’d put together a little routine that I tend to follow when I’m having some much needed me time!


Start with a large glass of wine 🍷

Or, your tipple of choice! I’m a coffee in the morning and wine in the evening kinda gal, what can I say. I recently tried out SlimLine Wine* which is not as faddy as it may sound! SlimLine Wine are a brand new company who produce zero sugar and zero carb wine, erm winning! The entire bottle is only 373 calories(That’s almost half the average amount of calories in a bottle of vino!) and it’s vegan friendly, hurrah! I was kindly sent a bottle of their Sparkling White which I thoroughly enjoyed and will certainly be repurchasing. There are also a red, white and sparkling rose available in their range, so it’ll be tough to pick just one other to try!

The perfect at home pamper evening | Love, Maisie |

Run yourself a decadent bath 🛀

Who doesn’t love a bath? I jump at the opportunity to take a long soak. I like to mix and match products, so I’ll usually opt for a bath bomb and some bubble bath. If I’m feeling extra luxurious then I’ll add in some bath oil. I’m currently enjoying using the Mother’s Bath Oil by Neal’s Yard. I’d love to hear some of your bath time recommendations? Leave me a comment below with your favourites!


Fake tan! 🧡

It’s taken me years and years to be brave enough to try fake tanning but I’m so glad that I’ve finally found something that works well for me! After some research and a couple of “please help me” tweets, I settled on Garnier’s Summer Body Moisturising Lotion, “Sun-kissed look” and let me tell you, it makes me ✨glow✨! It feels like a luxury when I’m having my little pamper evening to get myself all tanned up and it doubles up as a gorgeous smelling(apricot to be precise) and beautifully silky soft moisturiser, so this is deffo a product for all you busy bees out there!


SensatioNail, my game changer in beauty! 💅

Having freshly painted nails not only makes me feel like a boss, but it’s a pretty vital part of my pamper evening! Last Christmas when Jack asked me what I’d like, I couldn’t think of anything that I could possibly ask for! That was until I came across Sensationail and let me tell you, it’s been a game changer. SensatioNail is a super affordable at home gel polish nail kit. Complete with a UV lamp, my SensatioNail kit was the express version, meaning that you don’t need to faff about with top and base coats as it’s all in one! I’ve always loved having my nails done or doing my own nails, but, with having a little person around, it’s not my top priority to be spending my wages on my nails, nor do I ever find enough time to paint my nails and allow them time to actually dry, which is why SensatioNail is just so perfect! The UV lamp means that your nails are dry in 30 seconds, which is still just mind blowing to me! I still thoroughly enjoy doing my nails, but the fact that I can get them done quicker and that there is really no drying time means that I can spend more of my evening pampering myself with some of these other bits and bobs! You can check out their full range of starter kits here.

The perfect at home pamper evening | Love, Maisie |

Delve into that book you’ve been meaning to read 📚

I used to read ALL the time, but honestly since having Tyler, I don’t find as much time for it. So with my recent mini pamper evenings I’ve been getting through my gigantic “to read” list! At the minute I’ve been reading Wilde Like Me (#afflink) by Louise Pentland. I’ve only got a couple of chapters left and it’s honestly been a really good read! I find that treating myself to a couple of chapters of a good book does wonders for my mental health and making me feel relaxed, as opposed to aimlessly scrolling through social media for the entire evening.

Get journaling! ✍️

I have a million and one notebooks and journals scattered about my home. There is just something really appealing to me about putting pen to paper, even in this ever growing digital age that we live in. Writing down even just a to do list for the next morning really makes me feel like I’ve got my sh*t together, even when I haven’t. I’ve put this last on my pamper evening list as it can be a really great way to wrap the evening up. You’ve treated your body, skin and nails so why not treat your mind too? I actually have a thankful diary that I keep by my bed that I try to add to as often as I can. It really is a nice ending to a perfect pamper evening!


So there we have it, my perfect at home pamper evening routine! Do you ever treat yourself in the evenings? Because you totally should! You deserve it gurl!

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  1. I bloody love fake tanning, it instantly makes me feel 10x better about myself! I can’t live being pale anymore!

  2. Pamper nights at home are the best nights ever! I like to include takeaways and face masks! Xx

  3. I love reading how people like to pamper themselves! Bath and a good book is the way for me!

  4. a bath with my lush stuff is my way of pampering.. when i have time of course haha

  5. I love a good pamper session when baby has gone to bed. I like to have a long hot shower, shave my legs, use a hair mask and face mask and just lounge around in my towel!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  6. I love an at-home pamper evening! Especially a bath, face mask and a mani!

  7. Love this post! Love the ‘have a large glass of wine!’ too true x

  8. Oh yes I need to fake tan it up. Oh I love journaling.

  9. This post is gonna be so so helpful for those mummy’s with young children! Nothing beats a pamper evening!

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