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Well, it’s not as simple as that… is it. Going to the USA is a big deal, and it takes plenty of planning and saving. Whilst it is one of the best holidays that you could ever have, it’s also one of the most expensive. But, the vast array of things that there is to do is what makes it just so great. You could go to any state that you like, and each one would give you a different experience. The hospitality you’ll feel will be amazing, and it’s the perfect place to either go on a nice romantic holiday, a couples holiday, or even a little solo tour. So, if you would consider planning to hop on a plane to the USA, here’s where you should head.

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Pittsburgh is a little city that has long been forgotten about, but as the years go by it’s actually becoming more and more popular for people to travel to. You’re not stuck in the hustle and bustle of usual American life, but you’re not out in the sticks either. It’s the perfect destination if you want to experience a bit of the American life, without any hassle, and in a really nice location. There are plenty of nice places to stay, the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott is just one of them. In terms of things to do, you shouldn’t find yourself bored. If you’re looking for some nice scenery, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens should be the place you go. It’s just a nice place to spend an afternoon relaxing! If you’re looking for something a bit unique to do, the Bicycle Heaven museum might be the place for you. As random as it sounds, it does make a good day out!


Washington DC

Washington is one of the coolest places to visit. First of all, it’s the capital of the US, so you know it’s going to pack a punch when it comes to a holiday. You’ve got the white house for one. Whilst you won’t be able to actually go in and have a look around, you can have a mooch outside and see what’s like to stand in the presence of such as huge building with so much power! If you want some history, you should definitely consider visiting the Lincoln Memorial. It’s such a big monument that stands proud in Washington! If you want something a bit more geeky, the national air and space museum would suit you perfectly.


San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the more upbeat cities that we know you’ll love. It’s a tad more expensive than Pittsburgh, but just as good. First, you’ve got the iconic golden gate bridge which you will no doubt stand in awe in front of. It’s harrowing to know so many people have tried to take their lives on that bridge. On a lighter note, you should definitely try and visit Pier 39. It’s full of places to eat, fun things to do, and makes a great day out no matter who you’re travelling with.

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