Reusable baby wipes with Cheeky Wipes | Love, Maisie |
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Reusable baby wipes with Cheeky Wipes | Love, Maisie |

I’m sure you’ve all heard of reusable nappies, but how about reusable wipes? Up until recently, I had no idea that reusable wipes were even a thing, but now I am so glad that I do!

Over the last few years, I have become more conscious of the environment and the damage that us humans do to our planet on a daily basis. I can’t say that I live 100% eco friendly, but I am always trying to adjust our life as a family in little ways to improve that. When the lovely people over at Cheeky Wipes got in touch, I read into their ethos and their products and was super excited to work with them!

Cheeky Wipes was founded by a mother of four who found that disposable wipes were irritating her skin and of course, aren’t all that great for our planet. The great bit about Cheeky Wipes is not only are they suitable for using at home, but they’re super easy to use on the go too.

I’m going to give you a quick run down on the kit that I have, which is the all-in-one kit(Prices starting at £39.99). The kit comes complete with two storage boxes, one for fresh and one for mucky wipes, 25 reusable wipes, two out and about wet bags, again one for fresh and another for mucky wipes and two essential oil blends. These reusable wipes are 100% natural, unlike many of the ingredients in your generic disposable wipes. I’m sure if you’ve ever looked at the ingredient list on a pack of wipes, you’ve pulled a bit of a face and said, “peny-what?If we don’t know what an ingredient is, why would we want to use it on our babies delicate skin?

Reusable baby wipes with Cheeky Wipes | Love, Maisie |

The all-in-one kit comes complete with instructions that are easy to follow and makes getting started simple. You simply fill both of your fresh and mucky boxes with water to the instructed level before adding a couple of drops of the appropriate essential oil blend. For the mucky box I have the tea tree and lemon scented essential oil blend and lavender and chamomile blend for the fresh box. These oils act as both a scent and in keeping your wipes fresh. It is recommended to wash your wipes every couple of days to avoid any stains and to keep everything fresh! You an read a full list of handy FAQ’s right here.

Another great thing about switching to reusable wipes is the effect it will have on your pocket. Think about how many packs of baby wipes you have gone through with your baby already. On average, you will spend £250-£500 on disposable baby wipes in the first 2 years of your child’s life. That’s certainly a saving I am all for! Not needing to purchase wipes again and again will certainly save you some cash that you could put towards something special for your or your baby. Besides, you have to use your washing machine anyway, so there aren’t really any additional costs to washing your wipes.

Reusable baby wipes with Cheeky Wipes | Love, Maisie |

Cheeky Wipes say that their essential oil blends in the 10ml size will last roughly six months. Their prices for repurchasing a bottle of the blends starts at just £5.49, so if you need to buy say 4 bottles in one year(2 x blends for fresh and 2 x blends for mucky) that’s just aver £20.. which compared for £250 is amazing!

We are loving using reusable wipes and it has certainly made me think about moving to more reusable items including reusable nappies too. I did think it would all be quite complicated, but honestly it’s such an easy adjustment to make and I can’t recommend it highly enough. My little one’s bum certainly feels a lot fresher using reusable wipes compared to disposable ones and they really do smell so fresh! Of course, knowing that you’re helping the environment too is amazing!

Reusable baby wipes with Cheeky Wipes | Love, Maisie |

If you’re considering taking a more eco-friendly and natural approach to your family life, then reusable wipes are honestly such an amazing and easy way to start. That being said, I thought it would be lovely to team up with Cheeky Wipes to give one of you lovely readers the chance to win your own all-in-one set of reusable cloth baby wipes! To enter, simply follow myself and Cheeky Wipes on Instagram and complete the rafflecopter below! Those are the two mandatory entries, but to increase your chances of being the lucky winner, there are a tonne of optional entry options worth 5 entries each! Good luck!

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  1. Oh these look and sound amazing. How would we even cope without some form of wipe to clean our mucky pups up. Even though my lady is little older she’s get super messy!!

    1. They’ve honestly been a game changer! They’re great for mucky hands and faces too! x

  2. Oh these sound great! I am really not a fan of wipes, they are so drying and abrasive.

    1. They’re amazing! Yeah I’ve never got on with wipes on skin in general! x

  3. Oooo I need to try these for ru! We go through so many wipes it’s ridiculous and then have to get rid of all the cardboard boxes it’s a nightmare 😭

    1. They’re honestly amazing! Such a game changer! x

  4. I am 100% all about trying to do my tiny little bit to help to save the planet! These are such a good idea for little ones and parents!

    1. They’re genius I swear! x

  5. Oh these look great! x

    1. They really are! x

  6. These sound like a good idea! I had never heard of anything like them, only reusable nappies! They sound a little like reusable pantie liners in the way that they’re cleaned and stored!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    1. They’re amazing! I only wish that I had invented them myself haha! x

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