Tyler's 14 month update | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

If you missed Tyler’s 13 month update, you can catch it here. I think Tyler’s updates have become my favourite types of posts to write. I think it’s mainly because as I sit down each month to write them up and I realise just how far my little baby (or should I be saying toddler now? eek) has come along, not only in the last month but in the past year too!


The first update I wrote on Tyler after his birth story was at 3 months, so this is the 12th update I’ve shared on him now and it’s so amazing that I have a mini archive of his development and memories to look back on! If you’re reading this right now and are expecting your first child and thinking about starting a blog, do it! Even if you do it privately, just for yourself to read, do it and keep those memories fresh!


In previous updates, I’ve not had too much of a structure, but I’ve decided that I needed a bit more of a layout so to speak for these posts. So I’ve divided it into a couple of sections for the main topics that I cover when I’m talking about Tyler. So here we go!

Tyler's 14 month update | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com


Tyler seemed to be coming on in leaps and bounds with his walking, managing over ten consecutive steps unaided and you could see, he was super chuffed, as were we! But in the last week or so he’s been quite reluctant to walk at all. He’ll often go all floppy or lift up his legs when I try to place him in a standing position, which is what he used to do a couple of months ago before he could stand unaided. He does still take a couple of steps here and there and spends a lot of his time cruising and standing up in the middle of the living room, but he doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to get walking about town!


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. I googled walking and ages and really, I have nothing to worry about whatsoever, but I can’t help but panic a little as it feels as though he’s gone backwards slightly in his development? I’d love to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar? I’m sure it’s just a confidence thing as his motor skills are certainly there as he is honestly the strongest small human that I know!



We’re still on six teeth, but little man has certainly been teething at hardcore levels this month. He’s pretty much spent the last four weeks with his hands in his mouth and bright pinks cheeks, bless him. Surprisingly we’ve had some really great night stretches though, maybe all the teething in the day time is knackering him out, who knows, but the last two weeks we’ve had a baby boy that finally sleep through the night again, hurrah!



Jack will probably hate me for saying this, but Tyler is the funniest human being I have ever met. He laughs at the most ridiculous things and has even just about perfected his “fake” laugh too. He is full of character and is really learning how to show it. He pulls the best facial expressions and has a smile that everyone keeps telling me is “the cutest” including strangers! I don’t remember the last time that we left the house and didn’t have a passerby start to smile and wave at Tyler before telling us that he’s gorgeous, we’re lucky I know! I’m not complaining, I love that Tyler attracts so much attention, it makes me feel so proud that I get to show off my beautiful little boy!

Tyler's 14 month update | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Tyler’s favourites

I know Tyler’s can’t talk yet and tell me what he loves, but it’s pretty clear that he has his firm favourite things and activities. He loves dogs, but from afar. If they get to close he gets quite scared(bless him!) but he gets super excited when he sees a pup walking down the street. Flying high on the swings in the park makes Tyler giggle so much. I’m so glad that he seems to love being outdoors as I’m always trying to spend more time outside!


I can’t remember if I mentioned this already or not but my mum recently bought a play kitchen on one of those things for sale Facebook groups for a fiver and it now lives in our living room and is the number one toy that Tyler gravitates to. Admittedly he often likes to stuff as many items of ours into the oven(including my phone!) but he is slowly starting to grasp the concept of role playing. He has mini plastic pots and pans and an entire box full of pretend food, I just know it’s going to continue to be a firm favourite of his for a long time!


I legit say this every single month but where is the time going? I just can’t believe that Tyler is now 14 months old.. it really is true what they say, that time just disappears from beneath you when you have a baby!