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20 things i love this friday 23

1. This super sweet peas in a pod necklace diy from Handmade Charlotte. I really want to give this a go, isn’t is just the cutest!?

2. Sam & Billie Faiers, The Mummy Diaries. I may or may not have binge watched the entire latest season on the ITV player in two sittings.. I’m a sucker for a bit of trash reality TV!

3. This blog post from Kirsty of LifeWithBoys. I really related to this post and if you’ve been feeling in a bit of a rut lately then you probably will too!

4. This beach bag that is literally screaming summer!

5. The sunshine that is being promised to us this bank holiday weekend, finally!

6. My new baker boy hat from Primark(for £4!). At first I sort of just felt like a train driver, but now I’m totally digging the look.

7. HECK’s sweet fusion balls! You might know HECK for their sausages, but did you know that they’ve recently launched a veggie/vegan range? I can confirm that said fusion balls are 110% delicious.

8. Riot! By Paramore. I’ve loved this album since the day it came out and my friend Rachel played it to me. I’ve loved all their music since too of course, but I’ve rekindled my love with the Riot! album and have been practising my Hayley Williams hair swish on the regs. #sorrynotsorry

9. My new iPhone 7 plus(which I 100% cannot afford). My old iPhone sadly died after two and half years and a bad fall(read; a bad throw), but I am loving this huge piece of technology that I am told is a telephone.. it’s basically a tablet it’s that big!

10. This article showcasing the photographs from one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve ever laid eyes on!

11. This blog post from AmyJaneAndBaby with a weeks worth of sensory play ideas.

12. The Fjallraven Kanken backpack in this gorgeous warm yellow colour.

13. The fact that Tyler has been spending more nights sleeping in his cot.. for the whole night! It’s still a bit flukey, but I’m soaking up the space in our bed let me tell ya!

14. The wonderful Melanie Murphy! I’ve recently rekindled my love for her YouTube channel and now I’m eyeing up her book, “Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living In An Online, Offline World” If you’ve already read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

15. This blog post from Amie of The Curvaceous Vegan on having an unhealthy relationship with her phone. Yas gurl I can relate!

16. The Creme De Menthe mouthwash tabs from Lush. If you’ve not tried them, then this is a PSA just for you.. THEY’RE MIND BLOWING.

17. Hitler’s Canary by Sandi Toksvig. I’m only about 1/4 of my way through but I’m loving it so far. It’s quite different from the kind of novels that I usually reach for but it’s certainly been worth it. Would you be interested in some mini book reviews on my blog?

18. Jasmin’s blogging goals for May blog post. It’s made me feel super motivated for the month ahead!

19. This cute, motivational print that I found on Etsy.

20. This photo of my gorgeous mama with Tyler

Tyler and Nanny | Tyler at 15 months old | Love, Maisie |

Happy Friday folks, I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend whatever you’re up to!

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  1. I really love this kind of post, its always great to sit down and reflect on the good things! makes for a much more positive week

  2. Oh I’m obsessed with the mummy diaries. Literally in love with Billie and she always looks amazing!!!

  3. Both those bags are gorgeous loving the backpack especially!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  4. I loved Sam and billie the mummy diaries! I was addicted to it! So many reasons to be happy. Especially this beautiful weather!

  5. I love that Flamingo Beach Bag!

  6. I need that beach bag, so gorgeous! x

  7. Good to hear that you‘re loving your baker boy hat! I absolutely love the look on everyone else but me haha Xx

  8. Ooooo I am loving that beach bag!! I want one x

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