The Baby Show Birmingham With The Natural Birthing Co | Love, Maisie
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The Baby Show Birmingham With The Natural Birthing Co | Love, Maisie

Last Friday, my mum, Tyler and I got on the train(at 7.30am!) and headed to The NEC in Birmingham for The Baby Show! I’d never been to the show before so I was extremely excited. We were kindly invited by the Natural Birthing Company and I am so glad that we were. Today I thought I’d give you a little run down of our day and tell you a little bit more about The Natural Birthing Co.


The Natural Birthing Company invited us along to The Baby Show for a bloggers breakfast. On the day, myself and a couple other bloggers(who were all so, so lovely!) headed to the NEC in Birmingham and were greeted with lots of smiles and a breakfast table filled to the nines with fruit cups, drinks and lots of vegan goodies(including some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating!). We got to have a lovely chat with Jane, the founder, and all the other bloggers whilst we tucked in to some much needed breakfast. I really do think that it makes all the difference when a brand goes above and beyond to make you feel special and welcomed. I can’t thank the whole team at Natural Birthing Co enough for having us and hosting us all so wonderfully!


The Natural Birthing Company was founded by midwife and mother, Jane. Not only was Jane a pleasure to meet, but her entire ethos around her business is something that I can really get on board with. As the name suggest, they’re all about creating natural products(that are vegan friendly too!) for mamas that are suitable for use during pregnancy, post partum and beyond. Sadly, I only discovered the brand once Tyler was a few months old, so I wasn’t able to enjoy their products during my pregnancy, but should the time come for baby number two, I will certainly be stocking up on.. well, everything!


Some of their most well known products include their Perineal Massage Oil, the Cooling Body Sprtiz “Cool it Mama” and their breastfeeding oils “The Bosom Buddies.” What’s super exciting is that they have just launched 4 brand new products to their range. Those products are:

  • Bump Envy’ Soothing Stretchmark Oil (available now)
  • Relax & Breathe’ Massage Oil (available now)
  • Best Washes’ Uplifting Body Wash for Delicate Noses (available from June)
  • Bottoms Up’ Soothing Bottom Spray (available from June)


On the day we got to give everything a good ol’ sniff and spray and I was even kindly given a bottle of the Cool It Mama Spray and a bottle of the brand new Best Washes body wash! Whilst Jane was filling us in on all the lovely new products, she mentioned that it’s not only the things that you put inside your body during pregnancy that are important, but what you choose to put on it too. Essentially, our skin is our biggest organ, so if you’re using body products that contain harsh and potentially toxic ingredients, these can penetrate the skin and end up getting through to baby too.


The brand new Best Washes body wash has a very subtle but fresh mint scent to it and is packed full of skin nourishing oils like spearmint and black pepper. Not only does it feel lovely on my dry, tired mama skin, but spearmint is known to also calm a queasy tummy, so if you’re currently expecting and dealing with the dreaded morning sickness, this will be sure to make you feel a whole more you again! As I mentioned, this product, along with the other 3 new releases, will be available from the Natural Birthing Company’s website and Boots from June and it’s high up on my recommendations list for mamas!

The Natural Birthing Co | Bloggers Breakfast | Love, Maisie

One of the other lovely mama’s and bloggers, Amy, was telling us that she still used the Cool It Mama spray to this day and sprays it in her hair as she just loves the scent! I too love the scent, it’s super refreshing and contains ylang ylang oil, which is one of my favourite essential oils, so I can see myself doing the same now too!


If you’d like to treat yourself or a friend to some Natural Birthing Company goodies, then be sure to use the code “Maisie10” at the checkout for 10% off your purchase!


After our breakfast, the three of us wondered around the rest of The Baby Show, chatted to lots of the stall holders and I even signed myself up for a Gusto box! I honestly couldn’t tell you how many different brands, businesses and companies were at the show, but my goodness there were more than I had ever even heard of! There were some of our favourites their though, Including Cheeky Wipes, Aldi’s Mamia, Mamas & Papas, NCT, Tommee Tippee, and so many more!


The entire set up of the show was very well done and thought out. There was plenty of space between stalls to move around with prams etc and Aldi even set up a huge changing area with changing tables and nappies available! The next Baby Show will be at the Olympia in London in October and if you can, I’d highly suggest you make the trip and experience it for yourselves! I’d also like to thank the PR team of The Baby Show for having us and for the lovely treats we were kindly gifted!


Have you ever been to The Baby Show? I’d love to know if you loved it as much as we did! I also vlogged our day, so if you don’t follow me over on YouTube(which, you totally should.. just saying!) then here you go!

Because I really believe in The Natural Birthing Company and everything about their brand, I can now proudly say that I am one of their Mama Ambassadors! I can’t wait to show you more of their products and other exciting bits and pieces! Remember you can get yourself 10% off right now with the code “Maisie10” Happy shopping! 

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  1. Looks like you had a fab time! x

    1. We really did, thank you!! x

  2. It looked like such a lovely event, I wish I could attend more like this with ru! X

    1. Fingers crossed you will be able to soon! Especially now that you can drive eeee! x

  3. Glad you had a lovely day, I’ve never been to a babyshow but really wish it was something we did whilst I was pregnant as they look fantastic.

  4. Looks awesome! Love the sound of earring cupcakes for breakfast!

    1. It was such a treat!! x

  5. Rebecca Fisher says:

    You look like you had a great time x

  6. Oh this looks like a great event. I was supposed to go a little while back and I kind of regret it now.

    1. Aww, it’s honestly such a great day out! The one in London is in a couple of months and you should deffo try and get there for it 🙂 x

  7. This looks like such a lovely event. I literally live 10 minutes from the NEC and had planned to go to the bloggers breakfast but had to be called into work last minute so I was gutted I couldn’t go! It looked like you had a fab morning!

    1. OH NO! What a shame 🙁 You will have to go next year! x

  8. Looks like such a fun time! I want to go to the London one when that rolls around and I cannot wait to get tickets ordered and spend a fortune haha! I have been to local ones and all the freebies are just fantastic!

    1. I’m thinking of going to the London one again too!! x

  9. How cute is that table and chair!

    1. I love it SO much! x

  10. Sounds like such a lovely event! Great to hear that you had a good time 🙂 xx

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