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Tyler at 15 months | Love, Maisie |

If you missed Tyler’s 14 month update, you can catch it here. And can I just say, how on earth are we in May already? January seemed to last for six years, but the last couple of months have absolutely flown by!


If you read Tyler’s last update, you’ll know that I was beginning to get a little worried with his walking progress almost reverting.. but I needn’t have been at all, because the boy is now walking everywhere and I mean, EVERYWHERE. He’s walking around the house more than he’s crawling and we even bought him his first pair of big boy shoes and he is loving being able to walk about outside! I even walked to the park with him this week.. I mean, it took us an age because every time we passed a dog Tyler would stop in his tracks, point and giggle, but hey he had a great time! I am so proud of him and how confident he has become in the last couple of weeks.

Something else that Tyler has just learnt to do is to drink through a straw. My mum, Tyler and I had popped over to Cheltenham and I had forgotten Tyler’s drinking cup, which wasn’t too much of an issue really as I know he can drink from a normal cup if I help him with holding the glass. We had ducked into Costa for a much needed coffee break and as I was asking the barista for a paper cup for him, she asked if I’d like a straw too, so I thought hey why not, let’s try it! I popped the straw in the water and “demonstrated” drinking from the straw before letting Tyler have a go and he took to it like a fish to water(no bad pun intended!).

Since Tyler was just weeks old, my mum has been determined to teach Tyler to clap! It’s been her mission for the past year and finally, Tyler claps! One day, I was sat in the living room and all of a sudden, he just started clapping as if he had always been able to! As I’m sure you can imagine, my mum was made up, albeit slightly peeved that he’d done it for the first time without her there!

Tyler and Nanny | Tyler at 15 months old | Love, Maisie |


We have two more teeth! Both of Tyler’s first top molars have broken through in the last month and oh boy do we know it! Not only has Tyler become the dribble monster, but we have had a couple of really rough nights. This brings us up to eight teeth now, holy cow!

If you have any teething remedies for toddlers, please let me know! I’m finding that these bigger teeth are proving to be a bit of a nightmare and the majority of the time, the calpol just isn’t cutting it!


Tyler is still as cheeky as ever! Generally, he’s a really happy soul, but I think that the “terrible twos” are already starting to show. It can be little things like taking something away from him or moving him to another room(because I need to move to that room) and all hell will break loose. Screaming, throwing himself to the floor and full blown tears, I think we might have a very expressive little boy on our hands!

But, like I say he’s generally super happy, smiling at passers by(or pulling a funny face!) and making us all laugh on a daily basis! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the below picture the other day, he’s just so scrummy!

Tyler at 15 months old | Love, Maisie |

Tyler’s favourites

We’ve got a little boy who loves his music! He’s always been one to dance and he’s recently started head banging/bopping along to songs and it’s the funniest and sweetest thing! He loves Dua Lipa, Don Broco and advert jingles! An eclectic taste, just like his mama!

Tyler is also showing more and more interest in books. He loves turning the pages, I don’t think he’s all that fussed about what’s on them mind. If you saw our updated nursery tour post, you’ll know that Tyler has his own miniature library so I’m glad that he’s really starting to get into them.


I say this every month without fail, but I just can’t believe that another month has passed by! Until next time!

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  1. he is just so adorable! i love it when they drink through a straw for the first time, like a whole new world has opened up haha

    1. It was so cute! I think I was just as fascinated as he was! x

  2. He is so cute! I love these updates

    1. Thank you!! x

  3. Oh how adorable does he look in the jacket. It’s crazy how fast they grow! And what a cutie he is! There’s no stopping him now.

  4. Oh I love seeing him grow! I just can’t believe how fast its flown by. And TWO more teeth?! I swear every update there’s more teeth?!
    Much love, caitylis x x

  5. He is so handsome! Look at that cheeky grin! I wasn’t made aware that most babies don’t walk un aided until around 18 months so he is doing really well!
    Now he is walking you will have to have eyes and ears everywhere.

  6. How is he 15 months already?! He’s not even mine and I can’t get over how quickly time is running and he’s growing!! He sounds like the loveliest cheekiest thing!

  7. Oh so pleased he’s up and about! x

  8. Reuben picked up drinking through a straw so easily too, they’re such clever little things aren’t they! x

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