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5 Ways To Care for Your Tyres and Car During Hotter Days

During hotter weather, your car will come under more pressure to perform at its best. Like all machinery, it needs to be kept at an even temperature to work reliably. In particular, your car’s tyres can suffer from hot tarmac and if they are not kept in good condition, then the safety of your passengers could be undermined. What should you do to keep your car and its wheels in readiness for the hot summer months?


Check Tyre Tread Depth

In summer, road surfaces become hotter and – with less rain – more grit and dirt builds up on the road. All of this makes for a harsher driving experience that means your tyres can suffer from the continual contact they have with the road. As such, your tread depth may deplete at an alarming rate and you might even develop illegal sections of tyre that mean they need to be replaced. Remember, you can’t just check your tread depth in one place – it needs to be around the entire circumference of the wheel.


Tyre Inflation

Over-inflated tyres are a menace in hot weather. With a tyre which bulges out from over-inflation, less of it remains in contact with the tarmac. As a result, all of the heat that would usually dissipate over the entire surface of the tyre becomes concentrated in the middle section. Like a balloon, this could mean they pop, especially at high-speeds on a hot road.


Check for Tyre Stratification

Take the time to inspect the side walls of your tyres. This should be conducted on both the outer tyre wall and the inner one. Even though the inside of your tyre is less exposed to sunlight and UV rays, the rubber compound on either wall of a tyre can deteriorate meaning you are more likely to suffer from a blowout. Hotter weather speeds up this stratification process which you will notice either causes bumps in the rubber or scratch-like marks as the material breaks up. It is important to exchange worn out tyres and to get replacements as soon as possible. If you need professional help in doing so, DAT tyres is one place you can buy your cheap tyres from.


Oil Checks

When your car starts up, it needs to cool its engine immediately. If your car has been parked in the baking sun for hours on end, then this is easier said than done. Thankfully, modern lubricants provide adequate cooling by preventing moving parts of the engine from grinding on one another and thereby increasing the temperature any further. Keep your oil topped up by checking with the dipstick after the engine has not been running for an hour or more. Don’t just rely on your dashboard indicator to tell you to top up the oil.


Look for Leaks

If you notice a small puddle underneath your car, then it can be a sign of a potential problem. In hot weather, seals and pipes may expand meaning that your car’s water reservoir may be leaking. You don’t want this sealed system to run dry of water because your car will overheat and potentially break down as a result. Keep an eye out for damp patches when you pull away.

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