How to Pack for Pregnant Travel: 5 Suggestions

Travel can be stressful, which is the last thing you need when you’re pregnant. A holiday is supposed to be fun, after all.

Fortunately you can make the whole process easier before you’ve even left the house by cutting down on the amount of luggage you need to bring. Pack the essentials, leave the rest, and get ready for the relaxing break you deserve.

Here are five suggestions for what to pack for pregnant travel.

1. Don’t forget your medical documents

Let’s get the more serious items out of the way first. As well as the usual documents like your passport and your travel insurance details, you’ll need a letter from your doctor clearing you to travel and a copy of your maternity notes.

Airline staff are permitted to stop you from boarding a plane if they believe your condition puts you or other passengers at risk, so a letter from your doctor will put their minds at ease. This letter should include your due date and confirm that you’re experiencing a healthy pregnancy. Some airlines require a letter, while others only recommend one, but it’s better to play it safe.

As for your maternity notes, they’re optional, but we’d suggest including them for peace of mind. They detail the history of your pregnancy and are written in a way which can be understood by medical staff around the world. This will speed up the treatment process if you need to see a doctor while you’re away.

2. Pack loose, comfortable clothing

Your body changes constantly throughout pregnancy, which makes planning a little tricky, especially once you start showing.

Light, breezy clothes like maxi dresses, cotton tops and wide-legged trousers will skim, rather than cling, leaving you with room to grow and stopping you from feeling too sticky if it’s hot.

3. Stick with flat shoes

Your feet may well already be swollen and sore, but hot weather and/or lots of walking can increases these effects further. Make life easier and more comfortable by wearing flat shoes with supportive soles.

Open shoes like sandals are best if you’ll be visiting a hot country, since they allow your feet to get some air. You might also like to pack a pair of trainers and some flip-flops for the beach.

4. Pay close attention to your hand luggage

You don’t have to stuff your hand luggage to the brim to make sure you’re set for the journey. Here are the essentials you’ll need:

* Water in a refillable bottle, so you stay hydrated

* Snacks like crackers and fruit pots, in case you get hungry

* Antibacterial gel, to keep you feeling clean

* Flight socks, to calm swelling and reduce the risk of DVT

* A pillow, so you can sleep in comfort if you’re tired

* A big scarf, in case it’s chilly or you want a blanket

5. Keep it all in a roll-along suitcase

There’s no need to carry a heavy suitcase around — the last thing you need when you’re pregnant is extra aches and pains. Pack everything you need in a roll-along suitcase, preferably one with four wheels which rotate 360 degrees, and ask your travel companion or a member of the cabin crew to lift it for you when necessary.

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