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This post is inspired by lovely internet pal, Jasmin. Every month Jasmin shares her blogging goals over on her blog and whilst reading through her latest post, it inspired me to sit down and figure out what some of my goals for this month are.


I feel like things have been a bit lacklustre this year here on Love, Maisie. Sure, the content that I have put out I’ve been proud of and enjoyed doing, but I’ve often struggled to complete the content and get it out there. You should see the state of my drafts and notebooks at the minute. I don’t think I’ve ever had as many unfinished blog posts just sat there as I do right now. I really do feel that part of the reason for that is because I’ve not been setting myself goals and milestones, so really haven’t had something to aim for. Well my friends, this is changing. As of now, I am going to be doing as the wise Jasmin does and sharing my goals here on the blog. So without further ado.

(I did actually write a February goals post and managed to suceed it them, mostly, so it just goes to show that writing out your goals can and will help you get there!)


I thrive off of schedule and routine in my day to day life, call me a creature of habit? But it just works for me. So I’m going to try my best to stick to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday blog post schedule that I’ve been in and out for the the last three years or so. Seeing as it’s a Friday that this is going live and it’s the first of the month, that’s one day of the 13 days ticked off the list, right!


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I also have a YouTube channel. One of my favourite things to do lately is to watch back old vlogs and relive the memories that we’ve capture on film as a family. So this month, without putting too much pressure on myself, I’d like to create and share at least 5 videos. I’d give myself a proper uploading schedule, but I think I’ll try and nail the blogging schedule first and then try and set myself a YouTube schedule.

Social Media Goals

I thought a lot about this one, as I’m currently writing two blog posts that sort of go against this, but I thought hey, my socials are constantly(albeit very, very slowly) growing, so why don’t I aim high and just keep going?

Twitter – 2.3k

Instagram – 1.3k

Pinterest – 500


Last month I read one and a half books, which is the most I’ve read in ages. So this month, I’d like to finish the half of the book I’ve got left(It’s Sandi Tooksvig’s “Hitler’s Canary” if you were wondering and it’s flipping amazing) and read two more books on top of that. Tyler and I just joined the library and I have a stack as tall as myself of my own books to get through too, but I’ll start small and try for the two and a half this month.


Thank you Jasmin for making me feel so inspired this month! Do you have any goals for this month?