Have a birthday party to organise for your kid and want to make it really special? If so, you should perhaps consider a themed party that includes costumes. Kids love to dress up and they don’t really care whether it’s because it’s Halloween or a costume birthday party. So, you can be sure that your youngster will be delighted. Just follow the five simple tips below and success is guaranteed:


First decide on the party theme. The party’s theme should obviously be something dear to your kid and most of the time, the choice is pretty straightforward. But if you are struggling, you probably can’t go wrong with a fairy or princess themed party for girls (and perhaps an old lady fancy dress for yourself to transform into a wicked queen or a witch), and pirate or superhero themed party for boys. And be sure to decide on the theme before starting to do any planning because it will make the rest a lot easier.


Find or make themed invitations. For example, make sure that there is plenty of glitter and sparkle if you have decided on a princess or fairy theme. If you are doing a pirate theme, the invitation can include anything from a pirate ship to a treasure map with directions to your home and birthday cake as the main treasure. There are countless possibilities; just let your imagination free. Also, you might want to ask your kid to help you with both finding the ideas and making the invitations.


Don’t forget about the decoration. Decorating your home in the party theme will create a very special atmosphere and make everyone feel like they’ve just entered the world of wonderland. Again, don’t be afraid to let your imagination free and don’t hesitate to get the birthday kid involved.


A themed birthday cake is a must. The way the food looks is extremely important for kids. And even more so when it comes to such an important thing as a birthday cake. Of course, it’s just as important for it to taste good but unlike the adults, kids will appreciate the good taste only if they like what they see. So be sure to plan a themed birthday cake and ideally, the rest of the food (and drinks) as well. Keep in mind, however, that good looking food doesn’t have to be unhealthy and that healthy nutrition in childhood is crucial for health and development, especially during the first few years of life.


Think of something that will make your kid’s party stand out from the rest. Now this is something you will have to come up with by yourself. It may not be easy but it will make your kid’s party unique and something to remember for a very long time, possibly even for life.

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