If you missed Tyler’s 15 month update, you can catch it here.

Tyler is 16 months old | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com


I feel like this month there are two main things that have come along in leaps and bounds. Firstly, Tyler’s speech. He might not be actually talking yet but he’s sure trying! We have full blown conversations now! Okay, not quite, but when we talk to Tyler he does respond with lots of different sounds and letters, so he must be soaking up all the words right now! Secondly, Tyler’s fine motor skills. The boy is finally playing with things like his building blocks(that we’ve had since before he was born) and stacking them up, rather than just watching me do it and tearing them down! You can really see the concentration in his face when he’s balancing the blocks on top of each other.

Tyler’s new childminder also made a comment about how bright he is, and it did make me swoon a little I won’t lie! As a childminder, she is fully qualified and up to date with the EYFS(Early Years Foundation Stage) so knows all about key developmental stages, so it was really lovely to have her comment on Tyler’s motor skills and development.



We have some very lumpy and angry looking gums on our hands. For the majority of the past month, Tyler seems to have not been all that fussed with teething and has actually been sleeping through the night in his own bed again. The last few nights however have been a little more troublesome. I mentioned in Tyler’s last update that his first top pre molars had cut through and I noticed last week that more of the tooth on each side was starting to show, so I’m almost certain that his recent night wake up calls are down to this.



Tyler is still as cheeky as ever and I love it! He honestly has such a great character developing already and I just love watching him grow as a person every single day. Not a day goes by that a passerby in the street or in a coffee shop doesn’t comment on what a gorgeous smile he has. Of course, I agree, it’s infectious! This boy certainly knows what he wants and more so, what he doesn’t want. He’ll pout and shake his head if he’s offered something he doesn’t want and will raise his hands towards things that he does want. I’ll admit, it is making things a little easier now that he’s learning how to tell us what it is that he wants or needs, but sometimes he just doesn’t want anything. Despite pointing and shouting at certain objects, once he’s got a hold of it, he’ll throw it to the side and cry for the same object… baby logic, right?

Tyler is 16 months old! Love, Maisie www.lovemaisie.com

Tyler’s Favourites

At the moment Tyler is really into his building blocks and puzzle like toys. He loves stacking the tall, thin building blocks on top of one another, so far his record is four, but he then tries to pick them all up by lifting the bottom block, oops! As for puzzle toys, at Christmas our lovely friend Lyndsay sent Tyler a little wooden puzzle where you have to pop the animals back into the correct shape space and he’s really into it at the moment!

His favourite things to eat are the moment are blueberries, spreddy cheese on toast and whatever I’m eating!!


I’m still baffled as to how another month has passed us by. I’ll never stop saying it, but honestly where is the time going?