TYLER IS 17 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

This blog post is a little bit late, as I usually share Tyler’s updates shortly after the 2nd of each month, so apologies for that. This post might help to explain why. But anyway, moving swiftly on!

If you missed Tyler’s 16 month update, you can catch it here.


I’ve said before that Tyler is a determined little soul and this past month has been no different. Tyler is now at the point where he can tell us in some shape or form what it is that he wants.. well, not all of the time, but for example, he will reach for mine or Jack’s hand and pull us over to the front door because he wants to go out, or he will hold his shoe up to us as he wants to put them on. Although he might not be communicating with words too much just yet, he sure knows how to let us know when there’s something he wants or somewhere he wants to be!

Speaking of talking(lol), Tyler is babbling more than ever. There are lots of different vowels and consonants in there, particularly “da” “boo” “ga” “gi” “oo” “wow.” There was a day a couple of weeks ago where Tyler turned around to Jack, grabbed his hand and shouted “DA-DI!” and it was as cute as it sounds, my heart.

Tyler is beginning to understand so much of what we say to him also. “Where’s your hat?” “Where are the keys?” He’ll hurry off and fetch said item and hand it to us. It’s very cute and also very handy when you can’t find your keys because he’s been playing with them and hidden them in his toy oven.. the joys!


Eleven. ELEVEN. Tyler now has 11 teeth and I say this in the nicest way possible, but how on earth does his tiny little mouth have space for them all?! Ha! Two of those new additions are his first bottom molars and the poor thing really struggled with those ones. I think it’s been a combination of those pesky molars and the intense heat we’ve been having that have disrupted Tyler’s sleep. We’ve had some really rough nights, including some that ended up with everyone downstairs with the tele on at 3am.. not fun. I’m really not looking forward to the next molars coming through, but I can’t see them at all at the moment so maybe we’ll have a month off from teething?

TYLER IS 17 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com


Stubborn. Our child is stubborn. Just like the two of us, so what were we expecting?! But Tyler is also so loving. He’s a big cuddler and loves his kisses and just generally being close to us.. even if that does mean being climbed all over at all hours of the day.


It’s fair to say that Tyler loves his childminder. The other day, Jack was walking to the car with Tyler and they passed the road that our childminder lives on and he started to run down towards her house! I am so pleased that Tyler has settled in perfectly to his childminder, it’s honestly such a relief! I feel so guilt for sending him(even though it’s only once a week!) But it means that I can go to work and that he has a chance to play with other children, so it’s a win win for everyone really.

Books seem to be another one of Tyler’s favourites as of late. Sometimes he doesn’t want to sit still and let me read to him, but he’ll want to point at all the pictures and look up at me, patiently waiting for me to tell him what it is, it’s very cute!

The time is flying by and in Tyler’s next update he will be one and a half, can you believe it?! Until then.