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The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is the centre of social gatherings and a hub for family bonding. In your lifetime, you will spend hours and hours making memories in your cooking space with your loved ones. A total kitchen renovation can be a very pricey investment. Luckily, there are easy ways to spruce up your space. Follow these upgrade suggestions to give new life to your kitchen today:


1) Add Some Colour To Your Cabinets

A tiny splash of colour can go a long way, especially in a bland or monochromatic space. Having new cabinets installed can be pricey, so spice up your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint instead. It’s killing two birds with one stone – the new paint will make your cabinets look new and at the same time it will liven up your space. Updating your cabinet colour is a great way to set up a brand-new kitchen colour scheme. You can easily do this yourself. Just go to your local home maintenance shops and scope out colour samples that grabs your attention.


2) Update Your Appliances

New appliances can take your kitchen to a brand-new level. It will make your space more functional and fun to use. Investing in new appliances will give the entire area a more cohesive feel and will keep things looking fresh and new. You’ll fall in love with your new mixer, microwave, and stove tops. Don’t break the bank renovating your entire space when you can simply spice things up and get excited about your kitchen space with new machines.


3) Invest in New Sink Taps

After you’ve gotten new appliances, the next step is to update your sink tap. There is nothing worse than a grimy, rusty, old-looking sink head. This will make your kitchen feel icky and will scare guests away. If you are planning to update your sink heads, check out the gorgeous and durable Franke mixer tap selection. Out of a variety of sink options, you will absolutely love the results of using this type of mixer tap.


4) Splash Your Space With White

White is an overall great colour for any kitchen or bathroom space. Your kitchen should feel like a breathable, fresh area where everyone feels welcome to dine and can enjoy each other’s company. By using white as your main colour, and splashing appliances with a touch of accent colours, you will keep the area looking modern and gorgeous for years on end. If you are looking to update your kitchen, colour is the absolute first place to start, and you can’t go wrong with sticking to white.


These easy steps you can take to begin your kitchen transformation. If you need more design ideas, there are articles available online that can help you out.

You should be absolutely in love with your kitchen. If you’re not, today is the day to make a change! Follow these easy design ideas to make your space beautiful and functional for you and your entire family.

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