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Instagram, love it or hate it, most of us have an account and spend a large portion of our days scrolling through our feed. There might be a lot of negative things to say about Instagram, but today I wanted to focus on the good and share some of the accounts that I’m currently loving. I thought it might be fun to create a mini series in which I share the Instagram accounts I’m loving, but pop them into a couple of different categories. The first category is mothers. These accounts all bring something different to the table for me and I hope you enjoy seeing some of the lovely faces that I get to see pop up in my feed.


rebeccaellenlamb | Love, Maisie

I first discovered Rebecca through Channel Mum on YouTube and have since thoroughly enjoyed following her on Instagram. Rebecca is a mum to two gorgeous little boys and shares all things family life and style. As you can see, her photos are all gorgeous and showcase all the different aspects of her life. I’m always clicking onto watching her stories too, lots of real life snippets, meal ideas, food shop hauls and general positivity and smiles. I actually met Rebecca at This Morning live earlier on in the year and she is just as lovely in person as she is online! You can find Rebecca’s channel here.


mrsrmeldrum | Love, Maisie

Another Rebecca, although I’m one of those really weird people who always associates a person with their url name so I hadn’t realised there were going to be two Rebecca’s in this post! Mum to three beautiful girls, Mrs Rebecca Meldrum is not only one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow, but also one of my favourite YouTube channels to watch also. We’re talking vlogs, hauls, cleaning videos and all the fun stuff! Her bright personality always catches on and I always feel motivated with my own blog and YouTube channel when I’ve caught up with her content over a cupaa!


georginaclarkeblog | Love, Maisie

If you like cute babies then you’ll love Georgina’s account! Blogger and Mama to two under two, Georgina is my current #mumgoals. The girl is slaying motherhood to two tiny humans and is bringing me positive vibes on a daily basis. Georgina’s post are always engaging and make my heart all warm and fuzzy and her rawness and positivity through her stories really radiates through the screen to me. If you’re wanting to add some positivity into your social media experience then Georgina is your girl.



Although I’ve only recently started following Holly, she has quickly become one of the accounts that I head to the most frequently. Her grid as you can see is bloody gorgeous, just like her and her two babas and her stories are nothing short of hilarious and always honest. Whenever I watch her stories I feel like I’m talking to a friend! I feel like if we met in real life we would really get on! Holly also has a blog that you can read here.


_littlesnippets | Love, Maisie

Hanna is another blogging super mama! She recently welcomed her second baby into the world and he(Ernie) is beyond adorable, as is her daughter Darcie. Another wonderful account to follow for positivity in motherhood and a general bright soul. Whenever I watch Hanna’s stories I always feel so calm and collected! It must be something about her voice! You can read Hanna’s blog here.


There are so many wonderful accounts on Instagram and the majority of the ones I follow are parents, so this post could go on for hours, but I’m hoping you’ll come back next month when I’ll share some more accounts in another category! Who are some of your favourite people to follow on Instagram? Don’t forget you can follow me over on Instagram too!


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  1. Thank you so much gorgeous!! Xx

    1. No problem Hanna!! Hope you and the little babes are doing well! x

  2. Thanks for sharing, will check these accounts out now! x

    1. I hope you find some you enjoy! x

  3. Georgina and Hanna are two of my faves, such cute kiddos! x

    1. They really are adorable! x

  4. It is so nice to see bloggers spreading the love!

    1. I can’t wait to do more like this! x

  5. I love how different they look with their themes! im going to go follow the ones i dont already

  6. I love watching Mrs meldrums YouTube videos! Her little girls are so sweet xx

    1. Aren’t they just!! x

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