It is somewhat common that women tend to have low self-confidence about themselves. If you ask a woman what is her least favorite quality about herself, usually the woman will mention something about her beasts. Many women get breast augmentations, in fact, they are one of the most popular plastic surgeries among women. There are many different options that women have when they decide to get a breast augmentation. They are allowed to choose the type of implant that they would like and they will also get to choose the size of the implant as well.

Implant Types

When you have decided to schedule your breast augmentation, you will be asked what type of implants you would like and how big you would like for them to be. There are two different types on implants and depending on how big you would like them, will determine which implant material would be best for your body.

The main two types of implants for breast augmentation are silicone and saline. They are both modern types of implants and have been deemed safe for cosmetic use for augmentations and for reconstruction. The silicone implants are made up of two different types of materials, which

are a silicone gel that mimics the feel of breast tissue and the outer silicone shell. These types of implants are available in a wide variety of sizes, however, they are not able to be altered.

The other type of implants are saline implants. This type of implant is somewhat similar to the silicone implants, but instead of a gel-like component on the inside of the implant, these implants are inserted with a saltwater solution called saline and inflated to the desired size. When the two types are compared, the saline implants are considered to be a little bit more “bouncier” than their silicone counterparts. In contrast though, the saline implants are more likely to cause rippling.

Implant Sizes

When the plastic surgeon and you decide on what size of implant that would best suit your body, the sizes are measured by the volume and are measured in cubic centimeters. The size is known as the “ccs.” For example, one cup size of an implant would be 100-150 ccs. Implants can range between 100 to 800 ccs, but only hold about 400 ccs of actual material. Usually if the patient wants an enlargement bigger than this, there might be a need for additional surgeries to attain your goal.

When deciding your perfect implant size, it is important to consider exactly how the implants will look on your normal body. If you get the implants too big, it will be obvious that you have had work done to your body. However, if you only size them up just a little bit, is it even worth getting implants? It is important for you and your surgeon to be on the same page with the sizing. The surgeon will almost always have the better opinion and it is important to listen to his or her guidance. The surgeon’s job is to give you a natural looking augmentation, so he or she will try their best to give you the most natural look.

Breast Implant Placements

There are also choices in which the patient can choose exactly where they would like their implant placed inside of their breast. They can choose to put the implant either under the muscle or on top of the muscle. When the implant is placed underneath the pectoral muscle, the look that is given off is the most natural one. For patients with smaller breast at the start of the augmentation, if they are going to a larger size, this would be the perfect option for them. This would definitely let people know that the patient has had a breast augmentation, but it would still look very natural. This option also offers the implant more support, which makes it less likely to have an issues arise from the breast implant.

The second option is to place the implant between the breast tissue and the muscle. The breast implants in this position will cause a great amount of cleavage that is shown. This will also give your new breast a new feel, leaving them softer to the touch. This option is not good for patients with somewhat thin skin because the implant would almost certainly be visible.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

Once you have decided that surgery is for sure the route that you would like to go, you will need to call your plastic surgeon and schedule a consultation. Consultations are really important because it gives the doctor a really great chance to get to know you better and kind of see what your expectations are like for the project in question. During this time, you can also view before and after from prior patients who have given consent for their photos to be shown. This will help you get an understanding of how your implants will look in real life and you can decide if this is for you. This is also the last opportunity to ask any questions for before the renovations and after the renovations.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

The breast augmentation procedure is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes up to two hours to do. The first thing that the surgeon will do is sterilize the skin around the breasts and the breasts themselves so that the skin is prepared for access to the breast tissues underneath the skin. There are three places where incisions can be made, the choice being up to your surgeon. They can either use the skin crease underneath the breasts, the areolas, or in the armpit.

Next, the surgeon will use several different tools to stretch the skin to accommodate for the implants. The implants will be put into place. If you chose silicone implants, they will be put into place and then the incisions will be securely closed with stitches. If you chose saline implants, the implants will have to be put into place and they will need to be filled up to the size that was agreed upon in the consultation. After this, the incisions will be closed up with stitches as well.

Once the incisions are stitched up, you will be fitted for a breast bandage and you will be asked to wear a medical bra. The breast bandage will conform to the new size and shape of your new breasts. The medical bra will also be helpful in providing comfort to your new breasts and help you ease back into everyday activities without disturbing the incisions while they heal. You can expect to be swollen for a few days. The surgeon will also provide pain medications for you and you will be instructed to place ice packs on your breast to help with swelling as well.

Meet Dr. Steinbrech

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is a plastic surgeon who is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Steinbrech has been named one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumers Research Council of America. He completed his training at New York University and his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training at NYU’s Plastic and Reconstructive Institute.

If you think that you would like to schedule a breast augmentation in New York, give Dr. Steinbrech and his talented team a call today at (347) 983-9560. You can also visit their offices’ website at www.drsteinbrech.com to find out more information.

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