Laser wash, more commonly known as laser skin resurfacing, is a technique used to remove imperfections from the face. Your health professional will use laser technology to remove the damaged skin layer by layer. During the healing process, new skin cells will make the skin look tighter and younger.

How to Prepare for Laser Wash

Your first step will be to get a consultation with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. They’ll be able to assess whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. Make sure you mention whether you’re prone to fever blisters or cold sores, as a laser wash procedure can sometimes cause breakouts.

After you schedule your laser resurfacing procedure, you will need to make some minor lifestyle changes in preparation. For ten days before the surgery occurs, you’ll be asked to avoid taking supplements and medications that might affect your clotting factors. These include vitamin E, ibuprofen, and aspirin. Smokers should stop smoking at least two weeks before and after the surgery, as continuing to smoke can slow the overall healing process by a considerable amount.

Prior to the surgery, you may be prescribed an antibiotic medication to prepare your body. This helps to avoid potential bacterial infections post-surgery. If you do frequently get

blisters or cold sores, you can reduce your risk of a breakout by taking antiviral medication prior to the surgery.

What to Expect From a Laser Wash Procedure

This kind of procedure is completed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Laser wash is done on an outpatient basis, so you will not need to stay overnight to recover. A laser resurfacing procedure might be targeted to just small portions of your face such as the wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, or forehead. Alternatively, a full wash procedure might involve the treatment of your whole face.

If you’re just having small problem areas treated, your healthcare professional will use a local anesthetic to numb the areas that will be treated. They may also give you a mild to moderate sedative. For patients having their entire face washed, general anesthetic may be necessary.

For small spot treatments, you can expect the procedure to take between 30 and 45 minutes. For full face washes, the treatment time may lengthen to up to two hours.

After the doctor finishes the laser procedure, they will carefully place bandages on the areas affected. For the first 24 hours, you shouldn’t touch the bandages or the treated areas. Following this period, you’re responsible for aftercare. The treated areas will need cleaning about five times a day. You’ll also need to use petroleum jelly or another recommended ointment to ensure that no scabs form.

During the healing process, you can expect to see some swelling. If there is particularly heavy swelling around your eyes, your doctor might give you a steroid prescription. Another way to ease swelling is by adding an extra pillow when you go to sleep.

It’s also common to feel some itching for the first three days or so following the procedure. Within about a week, the treated areas will dry out and begin to peel. The entire healing process typically lasts between 10 and 21 days. Full face washes will take closer to 21 days, while minor spot treatments will be closer to 10.

Benefits of Laser Wash

A laser wash procedure can have dramatic effects on the appearance of your skin. Typically, laser resurfacing improves the following conditions:

* Wrinkles around the forehead, mouth, and eyes

* Redness and blotches

* Pockmarks and scars caused by acne

* Other lines and imperfections

Patients report seeing younger, healthier-looking skin. Acne scars are greatly reduced or even eliminated, while wrinkles are smoothed. The new skin following the procedure will be tighter and more youthful than the surface was before the procedure.

Risks of the procedure are minimal, provided you comply with all of your doctor’s instructions and medication regimens. Using an antibiotic before the surgery will prevent the formation of bacterial infections, while using an antiviral medication will prevent cold sore breakouts. As long as you clean the skin, apply ointment as recommended, and wait for your doctor’s approval to restart other skincare regimens, you shouldn’t have any problems regarding the procedure.

Choosing a Center for the Procedure

It’s important that you schedule your consultation with a healthcare professional you trust. Ideally, they should have experience with skin treatment and laser surgery. If you’re looking for a center that specializes in laser wash and laser resurfacing procedures, Aesthetic Surgery Center is an ideal potential location.

Aesthetic Surgery Center is owned by Dr. Anurag Agarwal, MD FACS, a facial plastic surgeon from Naples who became a surgeon with the center in 2005. He specializes in a number of different facial plastic surgery procedures, with laser resurfacing being just one of his many areas of expertise.

Also working at the center is Dr. Richard Maloney, MD FACS, whose sole specializations are multimodality laser surgery and facial plastic surgery. He has attained more than 30 years of hands-on experience through his private practice. Not only is he a clinician, but he’s also a researcher who has developed new laser techniques for plastic surgery.

The third plastic surgeon you might consult with at Aesthetic Surgery Center is Dr. William Ross, MD. He specializes in a full range of plastic surgery procedures for both the face and body. His main areas of experience are reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. When treating patients, Dr. Ross makes an effort to combine cutting-edge and traditional therapies to provide the best results.

The center is also staffed with a team of caring clinicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who will help you with your surgery procedure. You can schedule your consultation at www.aestheticsurgerycenter.com or by giving the center a call at 239-594-9100.

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