Eco by Naty product review | Love, Maisie
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Eco by Naty product review | Love, Maisie

We might not be a 100% eco-friendly family, but we’re always taking steps to become more friendly to our planet. Today I wanted to talk to you about a brand that I really level with. Eco by Naty are a Swedish born eco company that create, produce and sell a multitude of eco-friendly products, predominately for babies and young children. I was recently sent out some of their products to try with Tyler so today I’m going to give you the full low down!

For Baby:

Baby Diapers (Nappies)

If you have a baby, you need nappies, there’s no way around it. Until I discovered Naty, I didn’t know that eco-friendly disposable nappies were available! I was under the impression that we had our standard store bought disposable nappies that take hundreds of years to decompose or reusable cloth nappies. I’ve not yet been brave enough to try cloth nappies(although we do use reusable wipes!) One of the things that I really like about these is that there are no nasty chemicals in their make up, including:

  • Dioxin
  • Fragrance
  • Chlorine
  • Phthalates
  • VOCs
  • Dyes

So we’ve switched out our regular nappies to theses ones and so far, so good! They fit great on Tyler(he’s currently in size 5’s/5+) and we’ve had no leaks! They do feel a bit stiff on the exterior when you first take them out of the packet, but the inside feels super soft and Tyler is definitely comfortable in them.

Available in sizes Newborn – 6 from £6.25

Diapering Pants (Nappy Pants)

We’ve also been giving the nappy pants a go! Although Tyler is 18 months old, we still regularly use nappies instead of nappy pants, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get him to remain still enough laying down to get a nappy on, so nappy pants make change time that bit easier! Again, we’ve been trialling these and so far we’ve had no discomfort or leeks at all, so they’re a winner for us!

Available in sizes 4,5 and 6 from £7.49

Eco by Naty product review | Love, Maisie |

Unscented Wet Wipes

Finding the right wipes for your babies delicate skin can be tough, but these ones certainly get a gold star from us! Soft to the touch and enriched with nature’s soothing ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile, they’re suitable on even the littlest of bottoms. With them being unscented I’ve also found them handy for mucky hands and mouths at meals times too.

Available from £2.95

Flushable Wet Wipes – Unscented

I can see these being really handy for when Tyler is starting potty/toilet training. These are made from natural and renewable material and are made up of 98.5% water!

Available from £2.95

Baby Rash Cream

We’ve only needed to start to use a nappy rash cream for Tyler in the last two months or so. We’ve had a sore little tush which we put down to teething(apparently the excess saliva can make babies poop more acidic, therefore hurting their little bottoms) so we’ve tried a couple of different creams but the Naty baby rash cream is certainly our favourite so far. A little goes a long way! What’s great also is that the ingredients used in this cream are all ethically sourced and cruelty free.

Available from £5.15

Eco by Naty product review | Love, Maisie |

For Mum and Dad:

Hand Cream

Being a parent, you spend a lot of time washing your hands, which in my case tends to really dry my skin out. So keeping this hand cream by our sink is really helping to add that essential moisture back into my hands. Similarly to the nappy rash cream, this hand cream is made up of plant based materials and again is 100% vegan and cruelty free. The formulation isn’t greasy and my skin soaks it up pretty quickly and it has a subtle sweet fragrance to it that I really like.

Available from £5.20

Foot Cream

I’ve got to admit, it’s been a while since my feet have seen any kind of attention, let alone a pedicure! This foot cream has a similar formulation to the hand cream but feels slightly thicker. The scent isn’t as strong as the hand cream but there is still a nice fragrance about it. I’m making more of an effort to pamper my poor feet and I can see this become a staple product!

Available from £5.20

Eco by Naty Diapers | Nappies | Product review | Love, Maisie

The overall verdict is, that as a family, we love the Eco by Naty products and 100% recommend them to you. Kind to the planet and kind to you. I believe that the easiest way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is to take small, gradual steps as often as possible. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products? Would you consider switching your little ones nappies to the Naty ones? You can find out more about all of the Eco by Naty products available here. DISCOUNT: Get yourself 15% off your order(excludes the subscribe and save and trial box) by using the code “Lovemaisie” at the checkout!

pin me! Eco by Naty biodegradable nappies | Love, Maisie |

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  1. What a fantastic brand, great idea too! Very practical x

    1. So glad we found them! x

  2. I’ve heard so much about this brand but never tried them out for myself, I’ll have to give them a whirl! x

    1. Deffo worth getting some bits to try! Especially the nappies <3

  3. Oh my gosh, flushable wet wipes!

    1. Gamechanger for many I’m sure! x

  4. ive been looking at Naty for ages now, its mainly been the price that puts me off but i love how theyre friendly to the environment.

    1. They aren’t the cheapest nappies out there, but I feel so much better for using them!

  5. I’m trying to be more eco friendly aswell! I never realised that there were eco friendly nappies and wipes!

    1. Neither did we until fairly recently! x

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