Francesca dell’Oro: perfumes that sublimate elegance

It is dedicated to those looking for an original fragrance. On Francescadelloro website you can find the deepest sensations they can take the liquid consistency of a perfume to sublimate on the skin.

Francesca, after spending years in the field of haute couture, luxury and design, decides to take advantages of all the inspirations and experience to realize her great dream: to transform the emotions and the language of the senses into unique perfumes and share them with others.

Francesca dell’oro: creator of fragrances

This passion was born when she was a child and grew up with her. In fact, after the various experiences of which we have already spoken, she has created a brand that bears her name and that has spread rapidly as her perfumes thanks to the originality of the fragrances but also thanks to the design of the packaging that recalls precious stones.

The world of flowers gives inspiration for the creation of Francesca’s fragrances. Sniffing flowers triggers a series of reactions that travel through the unconscious world arriving in worlds made of contrast and fullness.

Now let’s talk about packaging: it is evident the anchorage to the world of fashion and jewellery, especially now that the canons of the perfect pack have redefined in the panorama of artistic perfumery. After an initial moment that praised rigor and minimalism through a simple and sober packaging, the new designs celebrate the inside-out research that expresses style and personality. And if we focus more and more on the search for precious raw materials, it becomes essential to place these sensory expressions in the liquid state in the right container: a packaging in line with the image of the brand and the perfumes of identity.

Choosing to wear the fragrances of Francesca dell’Oro means to make a very precise choice of image: a perfect mix of ancient and modern, like its perfumes, which combine harmony for the smell and the refinement of a delicate flower.

Francesca dell’Oro’s fragances

Francesca’s fragrances seem to follow the principle of opposites that attract each other and that complement each other a bit like yin and yang. Everything has its opposite but it is not absolute because everything contains its opposite and cannot exist without it.

But let’s see the flowered creatures of Francesca dell’Oro:

  • * Ambrosine is like a fragrant embrace that envelops the skin in an all-female world;
  • * White Plumage is a fragrance that travels in the intimate, full of memories and thoughts that fly in memory;
  • * Lullaby è is a carefree and mischievous scent, for sparkling and energetic women;
  • * Francine, with fresh, pungent and free notes of a journey through the Mediterranean scrub and its woods;
  • * Fleurdenya, from the olfactory notes that would envy a flower garden;
  • * Page 29, with its dense, full and sumptuous notes, create an iridescent effect with leather backgrounds;
  • * Envoutant which releases oriental warmth;
  • * Voile Confit, carefree given off by soft notes;
  • * Rubia Sucrée is the evolution of the previous one and it unites delicate notes with decided essences;
  • * Irupé, unisex fragrance;
  • * Ice Yasmill, unisex perfume of the fruity floral group
  • * Rosmenthe, unisex fragrance whose heart resides in the rose