September happy moments
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September happy moments

A little while ago, I vowed to my Instagram stories that I would share one moment from each day that made my heart happy. I made myself a little highlight on my profile and and started to use the hashtags #myhappymoment and #MHM. The reason I started this was predominately because of how bad my mental health had gotten in recent months. I wanted to share one positive thing from each day, no matter how tough the day itself had been, because when you look hard enough, there is happiness in everyday.

The quote that best sums up what I’m trying to say here is “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.” And ever since I stumbled across this quote, I’ve tried so hard to remember that.

I might not have successfully shared #myhappymoment everyday since starting this little project, but I’m getting there. So today I wanted to do a little round up of some of my happy moments from September.

September happy moments

Feeding the ducks

One of the words Tyler can almost say now is ducks. He’s always loved his bath duck thermometer and now he loves real life ducks too! We often head down to the river with a load of oats(because apparently you’re not supposed to feed ducks bread, who knew?!) and his little face just lights up when he throws the food and they come paddling over. We’ve spent quite a few days this past month sat on the top of the bridge watching the ducks go by.

An impromptu family coffee date

Any day involving coffee is a good day. One Tuesday at the beginning of the month, we made an impromptu trip to Coffee #1 before dinner to have coffee and a cheeky slice of cake. Tyler spent most of the time trying to grab my coffee cup, but it was lovely to spend time out of the house in our little family unit of three.. even if it was a little stressful.

Snuggly sofa cuddles with my poorly babe

This month, Tyler had his first ear infection, which resulted in his first ever does of antibiotics. Of course, that’s not a happy moment at all. But it did make him extra cuddly and snuggly for a couple of days which I soaked right up because now that Tyler is creeping up to two years old, he’s not one for random cuddles throughout the day anymore.

Hand holding with little friends

I mentioned in last months Little Loves blog post about spending time with our new friends Jenny and Owen. Jenny managed to snap this photo up of the two little men holding hands and every time I look at it melts my heart.

A vegan breakfast fit for a king

We celebrated Jack’s birthday in September and one of his treats was going out for breakfast one Friday morning. We headed to possibly our favourite vegan cafe/restaurant Be The Change in Worcester and we both had breakfasts that filled us for most of the day!

Visiting Stafford to meet Laura

Over the last couple of months, my friendship with the lovely Laura of Em&Me has flourished, so much so that one Sunday I packed the boys up into the car are we visited her in her home town! It’s always so lovely to meet friends you know through the internet, in real life. We click so much and are so on each others level and I’m really glad we made the spontaneous driveWhat made it even better was that there was a vegan fair happening on that very day too in Stafford, winning!

Being cold enough to wear coats

September has been a lot cooler, thank goodness. The heatwaves this summer have put me off summer sun for life. It’s been so nice to wrap up in a coat/jacket when we’ve headed out for walks. I also think that babies/toddlers look even more adorable when they’re bundled into coats too.

Date night

Another part of Jacks birthday celebrations was having a night away with a night out. We had dinner and cocktails together before having a few drinks in a Spoons and then even went to a CLUB. I know, I can’t believe it either. We actually had a wonderful night but we still managed to wake up at 6.30am without Tyler around, typical right!?

Late afternoon park trips

Early on this week, Tyler and I headed to the park before dinner and it was really nice to spend some quality time together in the autumn early evening sunshine.

Jack coming home a day early

Jack’s job means that he works away from home a lot. Often from the early hours of Monday morning to the late hours of Friday. But this week, he was able to come home on Thursday just after Tyler’s dinner!


Throughout October I’m going to be continuing to share #myhappymoments over on my Instagram stories and I’d love it if you wanted to join in too! You can find me on Instagram here.

MY HAPPY MOMENTS FROM SEPTEMBER | Love, Maisie | #myhappymoment |

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  1. Love that you chose the pouting photo of me 😂 sums me up well! You’ve had so many happy moments this month!! Xxx

  2. I really enjoyed reading your happy moments and they are always here for anyone to look back on in difficult, stressful times to remind us we can do it, sometimes we think we can’t do it but we are stronger than we think and we always can.

  3. Michele says:

    💕😊👍 Always enjoy your posts Maisie xxx

  4. Shola says:

    I couldn’t be any happier to wear my coat as well!

  5. Your September sounds so awesome! Loving this type of blogpost its too cute and a good reminder of all the good things <3

  6. Looks and sounds like you’ve had a super fun September x

  7. Ah and what lovely moments they are.

  8. I love the idea! I don’t think we really sit back and look at what good things happen in our day! I think I may need to do this!

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