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I favour autumn/winter style over spring/summer. I always have and I’m sure that I always will. Now that I have a mini human to dress I find autumn/winter styling even more fun! Tyler is almost 20 months old and has just moved into the 18-24 month clothes size and as the weather has suddenly become very autumnal, I’ve realised that Tyler’s wardrobe isn’t very equipped for the current climate. I thought it’d be fun(and maybe helpful) to share some pieces I’ve found online that I would love to add to Tyler’s wardrobe. I’ve split it into item sections and of course, have linked everything pictured.


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I’ve been beyond overwhelmed with the amount of gorgeous knitwear pieces I’ve seen for children this year. The first two above are from Zara and honestly, I could have dedicated an entire blog post to jumpers I’d found on the Zara website. The “dark russet” coloured jumper is my favourite of the four purely because it has such strong autumn vibes. The two stripey numbers are both available from Next. Again, they’ve got a killer knitwear selection available. I especially like the last jumper as it’s almost identical to one that I have(which you can nosey at here if you like). After all, twining is winning, right?!


toddler autumn/winter wishlist1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I’m a big fan of leggings and joggers for children. I always find that actual jeans/trousers are too tough and uncomfortable for Tyler so I opt for leggings pretty much always. After all, a toddler is running around all day long, so being comfy is the top priority. First up, these tiger joggers(which you can also get a matching jumper for just fyi) again, these are a Next find. A pair of stripped leggings with a fox face on the bum? If there was ever an item of children’s clothing that I could squeeze myself into, it’d be these. The last two leggings are again, both from Zara. Mustard yellow is a perfect colour for autumn and I personally think Tyler looks awesome in it!


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As you can see, I quite like a striped number. Shock horror, this first long sleeved t shirt is a Zara find. I love the muted colours, again, just perfect for autumn. Who knew that Mango had kids clothing? Because I didn’t until recently. The bright/deep yellow top is a Mango find and I’d highly suggest checking out their range. The pack of 5 tops is an absolute bargain find from George at Asda for just £10! Which is a complete contrast in price to the striped tee next to it.. it’s from a brand called Petit Bateau and it comes in at £29.. safe to say I shan’t be purchasing that one, but it’s cute if you’ve got that kind of money to spend!

Coats & Shoes

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This duffle coat is from John Lewis and I think it’d look gorgeous on a boy or a girl. I chose this coat as my cosy pick and then I found this adorable fox rain jacket on the JoJoMaManBeBe site. If this doesn’t scream me then I don’t know what does! For shoes, both of these pairs are from Zara. The lace up boots remind me of little Timberland’s and would go with everything in this post. The wellies are a necessity really but why not have bright, funky coloured rain boots hey!

So those are my autumn/winter picks for Tyler’s wardrobe. Now I must patiently wait for payday so that I can place a few cheeky online orders. Do you love styling your little ones in these seasons? Where are your favourite places to shop for them? I’d love to know.

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  1. I am absolutely loving the fox rainjacket! I think I need one in an adult size for me as well as the toddler!

  2. If you don’t buy that fox coat, we’re going to have a falling out. I LOVE the mustard leggings with the cat and dog on too. How freaking cute! Buy the jumper that matches yours too, in fact…buy it ALL!

  3. Shola says:

    omg that Fox coat looks so cute! If only I were a toddler!

  4. All these picks are toooo cute!!! Loving all the lil animals on them!

  5. Oh these are such cute picks! x

  6. Oh these are gorgeous pick I love autumn.! Love this kind of wish lists

  7. There are some gorgeous outfits there! The jumpers you have chosen are going to look amazing

  8. Theodore has the 5 pack of ASDA tops they’re lovely! Love the mustard Zara leggings but can’t justify paying that much for one pair!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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