Tyler is 19 months old | Love, Maisie www.lovemaisie.com
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Tyler is 19 months old | Love, Maisie www.lovemaisie.com

As each month passes now, all I can think about is that before we know it, we’ll have a two year old. Time is so strange, and I’m sure most parents will agree when I say this, that often time can feel like it’s going so slowly, almost as if the nightmare of a day you’re having will never end, but it also all seems to whiz by in a flash. I know that makes no logical sense at all and in fact, time always passes at the same speed, but that’s honestly how it feels!

If you missed Tyler’s 18 month update you can find it here.



Tyler now seems to understand 99% of what I say to him, which blows my mind if I’m honest! Where are your shoes? Can you get a book? Shall we brush our teeth? Would you like a snack? He knows exactly what everything I ask of him means and goes ahead with doing it! He’s not saying much more than last month, although he has learnt to say “no” and it seems to be his favourite word now, of course.

Tyler is now a fully fledged runner. He doesn’t seem to walk anymore, he just runs and it’s actually quite comical to watch as he sort of throws his head about from side to side as he’s doing so. He doesn’t seem to have tumbles as frequently anymore so I’m assuming his coordination is improving.



Thankfully, for now, Tyler’s sleep seems to have gone back to normal. He’s back to sleeping through most nights and if he wakes, he’s quite happy to come into bed with us. Honestly I thought that he’d never sleep a full night again after the month we’d had previously. There have been a few fairly early mornings but if I’ve managed to have a solid couple of hours then I’m totally okay with 6am wake up calls!



Justin’s House. Something Special. Anything that remotely involves Justin or Mr Tumble and Tyler is fixated! Tyler has only really been into TV for the last few months but the shows he likes, he loves. He’s also a big fan of Go Jetters and still loves watch In The Night Garden most nights before bedtime. An obsession with mugs/cups and spoons has also become apparent so drinking coffee has become a fairly stressful experience.. or one that I have to do whilst hiding in the corner of the kitchen! Kitchen utensils in general seem to be super fascinating to him and his basket of play kitchen items has now adopted a few real items.


Overall, I’m actually finding this age quite difficult, mainly because tantrums are a daily occurrence now. I wasn’t sure which category they fit under so I thought I’d just mention it here at the end. I know that it’s just him learning and trying to understand the world around him but it doesn’t make it any easier to try to deal with. Is your little one similar in age to Tyler? How do they seem to be developing? Do you see any similarities in Tyler with your child? I’d love to know!


Side note: I’m thinking about maybe switching up the way that I share these update posts and maybe writing them in more of a letter form to Tyler. Would that be something that you’d enjoy reading? Let me know!

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  1. Awh he is so cute, lovely post!x

  2. He looks so cute! I can’t wait to have little ones and be able to write these

    CharlotteSamantha // http://www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

  3. I remember my nephews at this age and tantrums for my sister we’re an every day every annoying day oocurance. She couldn’t go to Tesco half the time because melt downs would happen hahha

  4. He is so cute Masie! I can’t believe how quickly they grow up and how fast time passes you by! ❤️

  5. This is such a lovely way to document his progress! So cute x

  6. Those curls are just everything. I can’t believe how quickly he is growing thought. Little cherub.

  7. He is so handsome! Cohen is 2 and is also a runner and I’m constantly laughing at him. Let’s his hands go all floppy so when they run they giggle about!
    He sounds as though he is doing so well with his speech!

  8. What a handsome little dude! You have literally described Arlo in this post – he runs everywhere and screams ‘raaaaaa’ wherever he goes too 😂 Love the updates – I do love a letter, mix it up for next month’s and see! Xx

  9. Oh he is adoreable! I can just imagine those little curls bouncing while he runs 😍 x

  10. Such a lovely read! But oh my gosh iss he a cutieee x x

  11. I love it when they start to understand everything you say and ask them, it’s so cute to actually be able to communicate! x

  12. Hayley Williams says:

    Maisie he is adorable! Rosie is almost 19 months now too! You’re not alone with the tantrums, it’s daily for us too. I think they just try to push the boundaries don’t they? Stay strong mama! Xx

  13. he is just so adorable! I love how they no longer walk.. i often say robin has two speeds run and run faster!

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