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WHY WE LOVE ORGANIX | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Tyler is a snack fiend. Much like myself, he would sooner graze through the day on snacks than sit and have a full meal. Of course, we do have a structure to our day in which breakfast, lunch and dinner are very important, but I think that snacks throughout the day are just as important too.

If you too have a toddler, you’ll no doubt have often struggled to get nutritious foods into them. They all have their moments and as Tyler is becoming older and more independent, he’s also becoming more fussy when it comes to food. Personally, I see no problem in the occasional bag of quavers or kitkat, but I do try to make sure we always have at least one healthy snack throughout the day too.

Thankfully, Tyler is big on fruit. Blueberries, bananas, easy peelers and grapes are his favourite, but the kid must get sick of eating the same fruit all the time. We were recently sent some Organix goodies to try out so today I thought I’d share my thoughts with you and let you know a little more about one of our new favourite brands.

You’ve probably already heard about Organix, but if not, they’re a baby finger food and toddler snacks brand. Something that I really love is that all of the snacks in the Organix range come with the Organix No Junk Promise. This means that there are no added salts or sugars or anything else unnecessary and as the name suggest, they’re made with organic ingredients. We were very kindly sent three different snacks to try.

WHY WE LOVE ORGANIX | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

New Organix Goodies Fruit & Seed Bites

Available in 3 flavours, Cocoa, Banana & Cocoa, and Coconut & Cocoa, these fruit & seed bites have gone down a treat in our house! We’ve tried the cocoa and banana & cococa flavours and enjoyed them both! Both are made with dates, prunes and sunflower seeds which are all things that on their own, I would struggle to get Tyler to eat. Both of the flavours taste sweet, with the banana & cocoa having a slightly sweeter taste to it, I’m assuming that’s because of the banana.

The bags themselves come in a 20g size which is just enough to keep Tyler happy mid morning or afternoon. The fruit & seed bites are suitable from 12 months old and are widely available in supermarkets in the UK.

WHY WE LOVE ORGANIX | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Organix Goodies Cheese & Onion Lentil Hoops

Made with over 64% lentils, these healthy crisp alternatives have been a bit hit with Tyler. As a vegan, I’ve not been able to try them, but as Tyler is vegetarian, he was set the important task of being taste master and he ate the entire bag in silence. I’d say that’s a positive review from my usually very noisy toddler! The lentil hoops also have the no junk promise and are primarily made up of dried green lentils with no added salt or sugar.

Available in a multipack of 4, 15g bags, the lentil hoops are also available across UK supermarkets!


What are some of your toddlers favourite snacks? Have you ever tried anything from the Organix Goodies range? Will you be trying the fruit & seed bites? I’d love to know!

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  1. Shola says:

    These sound lovely!

  2. these sound amazing! So much goodness in a little bag! Ngl I absolutely love baby food hahah I always used to have a bit when my little sister was younger hahah

  3. These sound great! My brother and sister in law are so careful what they give my niece!

  4. These sound perfect for my nieces who are ages between 4-5! I’ll make sure to let their mum know!

  5. We have tried the Organix range before. Cohen loves thle hoops. I think that they are really reasonably priced.

  6. My Ru loves the organix oaty bars, he still eats them all the time, such a good healthy and easy snack x

  7. My little lady loves organic when she was first starting feeding. Looks like a good range of choices you have

  8. Hayley Williams says:

    Ah these are a big hit in our house too! There’s so much variety in healthy toddler snacks now isn’t there. These are great xx

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