To have beautiful breasts is not about having breasts that have great shape and size. If you go to a skilled plastic surgeon, you will get a more proportional and beautiful breast using techniques that are tailored to fit the unique needs of every woman.


What is a breast lift?


A breast lift procedure works to restore a perkier, aesthetic pleasing, and firmer breasts that have been sagging. This procedure will help a woman fit comfortable and look attractive in a swimsuit or a bra because the breast lift does more than just to improve the appearance of the breast.


The goal of a cosmetic surgeon in a breast lift procedure is to raise the areola and nipple to get to a forward position by also removing stretched and excess skin to reshape the breast tissue to result in a youthful breast. During breast surgery, you can reduce large areola that have been stretched to create a more natural and proportional breast.


The common reasons why women decide to go for a breast lift surgery


To improve the contour of the breast after weight loss


When you lose weight, you tend to lose some breast volume. If you undergo a breast lift, you will restore your breast to a more proportional and youthful shape when you remove the extra skin.


To give you a better shape of your breast after breastfeeding


When you are pregnant and breastfeeding, always know that you might receive some unexpected changes to the breasts, which will often leave the breasts sagging and stretched. When you undergo a breast lift, it will help you to correct these changes and have a more aesthetically pleasing look.


To have a more perky breast outlook for the first time


A tiny fraction of breast implants patients is used to drooping breasts because they have had them ever since they were teens. For the patients get the best breast profiles, a breast lift can offer them just that.


How to know if you are the best candidate for a breast lift


Although the best way you can confirm if you are a good fit for a breast lift surgery is to go and consult to a board certified plastic surgeon, there are a couple of queries that you can ask yourself to have a general idea of how a breast implant can improve the shape of your breast.


Are my nipples facing downwards?


When the skin located at the base of the breast begins to stretch out and sag, the breast tissue weight will pull down the nipple. The breast tissue will be repositioned by the breast lift so that the nipples begin to face forward.


Does the areola/nipple sit below the crease under the breast?


When cosmetic surgeons are evaluating a candidate for breast lift surgery, they frequently look at the position of the areola/nipple, and the inframammary fold/create found under the breast.

You can try this test at home without a bra, slide a sheet of paper under the breast so that it stays against the crease. When you look in the mirror, do the nipples sit below the paper’s top edge? If they do, it is a good indication that you need a breast lift.


I’m I happy with the size of my breasts when I’m wearing a bra?


The breast size will not change significantly because of a breast lift alone. If you want to get a larger or smaller breast, you need to undergo breast augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift. You can also go for a breast reduction as an option to make your breasts look better in a bra.


Life after breast lift surgery


A breast lift surgery is done as a procedure that is done using local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, or anesthesia. It takes between 1-2 hours to perform the procedure depending on the surgery. After the surgery, you can go home and start your recovery period. Your breast will be placed or bandaged in a surgical bra.


Once the breast lift surgery is complete, most patients experience swelling or soreness. To have a more comfortable recovery period, you will be prescribed for pain medication. During the first days, ensure that you take it easy even though you can walk around easily around the house.


For most women, you don’t want to do breast lift surgery more than once. In that case, you need to ensure that your breast lift lasts for a long time. Although the results don’t have a predetermined lifespan, you can do a few things to ensure you enjoy the results for a long time. Let us take a look at 4 things you can do.


Always wear a bra


When you wear a bar that does not fit well, or you decide not to wear a bra, you can make your breasts sag over time. It is important to wear a bra particularly when you are exercising to maximize the results of your breast lift.


Take care of your skin


The elasticity of your skin is partly due to genetics. But you also have some control. Ask your physician about how to improve its elasticity using natural supplements. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun for long. Take vitamin C because it is essential in forming cartilage and collagen.


Ask your surgeon about the technique used


Breast lift surgery can be undertaken in several ways. If the skin is moved during the surgery, then future sagging is possible, but if the surgeon performs breast surgery by undertaking some tissue reconstruction, it is highly likely that your breast lift will last for a long time.



Avoid weight fluctuations and pregnancy


Your breast lift results will be negatively affected by weight changes and pregnancy. The best thing you can do is to avoid undergoing the procedure in the first place until you are done with bearing children, and you have a stable weight.




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