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I’ve not actually used Instagram as much this past month, but thanks to my snazzy new bullet journal, I’ve still been keeping track of my happy moment from each day! Last month I decided to start sharing a bit of a round up blog post of some of my happy moments that I’d recorded through the month(you can read that one here) so here I am, back again with my second instalment of my happy moments!


Letting Tyler “help” with the washing up

I realised that Tyler had never played in our kitchen sink. That might seem like a strange thing to say but I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen people sharing photos and videos of their children playing in the sink. So one morning I decided to pull a chair up to the sink and let Tyler get stuck in with the washing up! I let him play around with the tuperwares and spoons but of course, he was more interested in all the bubbles.

Meeting Bear!

My mum decided to get a new addition to the family and get little Bear! He is the cutest little puppy I think I’ve ever seen. A new puppy is just as needy as a new baby! I spent the day with Tyler and Bear whilst my mum was working and my goodness was I knackered afterwards, running around after them both. They’re going to be best buds, I can feel it.

Getting my bullet journal

After much deliberation, I ordered a bullet journal online. I normally prefer to purchase my stationary in person(weird habit?) but I took the plunge and I’m so glad I did. Honestly having a bullet journal has improved my life so much in just a short time. I already can’t wait to start filling out next months happy moments in it.


Seeing two friends get married

This month we packed up and headed to the Isle of Wight to see two good friends get married! It was such a wonderful day and probably one of the highlights of the whole month. It also made me even more excited for our wedding next March!

Hanging out with Laura and Emily again

In last month’s happy moments, I talked about meeting Laura for the first time and this month we met up again! We headed to Birmingham for the afternoon and did a spot of shopping and obviously, lots of chatting!


Nature’s wonders

Everyday I feel more passionate about our planet. It’s beauty is something that never fails to amaze me. One evening whilst walking to the shops for some essentials, I noticed that the sky looked like this, how could I not feel happy?!


A pre dinner park run

You know those days where you plan to stay in but by 3pm you’ve got cabin fever and just need to get out? I find as the weather is getting colder I’m having these days more often, but sometimes I like to just switch everything off and head out to the park with Tyler for a quick half an hour run around before dinner.

Watching The Lion King with Tyler

I’ve just signed myself up to the Disney Life app and I wish I’d done it sooner! A couple of days ago I sat and watched the Lion King with Tyler! Okay, he didn’t sit still for the entire film, but he did watch most of it with me.

A much needed play date

We had our friends Jenny and Owen come over the other morning for a little play date. Despite the boys “fighting” over toys and not really being very friendly to each other(mainly Tyler being a bit naughty!), we had a lovely time chatting and catching up on the last few weeks.

Meeting baby Pearl

At the weekend, we drove down to Brighton to see Lyndsay and her family and of course, met baby Pearl! I admire Lyndsay so much, she’s such a hard working mama and I really am in awe of her with her two girls being under the age of two!


I’ll be continuing to document #myhappymoments in my bullet journal and hopefully back over on my Instagram stories again too! I’d love it if you wanted to join in! You can find me on Instagram here.


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  1. These are my favourite posts to read. It’s lovely to start the day with some positivity! It’s a shame Tyler and Emmy didn’t get the ‘happy moment’ memo for the photo though! You’ve had such a good month, I’m excited to read Novembers already

  2. Looks like you had a very memorable October packed with fun activities. I wanna meet Bear too!

  3. Haley says:

    It sounds like your October was pretty good, and how can’t it be with those gorgeous babies.

  4. Amanda says:

    Love that dress you wore to the wedding. The whole family is looking gorgeous.

  5. Love these posts Maisie!! Sounds like you’ve had a fab month xx

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