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The Aldi Mamia Range review | Love, Maisie |

If you know me in real life, you’ll know that I love a bargain. With this, I also believe that you don’t need to compromise on the quality of something that you’re spending a little less on. As a young family, we’re always looking for ways to save a bit of extra cash and if we can do so on our weekly food shop then of course I’m going to do just that.

Since moving last Christmas, one of our local supermarkets has been Aldi. We’d always been to Aldi before then but not for our main weekly shop, but now, I can’t imagine shopping anywhere else. One of their great money savers is their Mamia range for babies and toddlers. I’m pretty sure we’ve tried everything in the range since having Tyler and today I thought I’d share some of our favourite bits and pieces with you.

Aldi Mamia Snacks review | Love, Maisie | Aldi Mamia Snacks review | Love, Maisie |

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tyler is a snack fiend. He’s always loved his snacks and the Mamia range is no different! What I really love about the snacks available is that they’re all organic. The apple and raspberry mini rice cakes have been a staple in our cupboard for almost a year now. The 40 gram bags come in at just £0.52 and last us a good few days each. We like these on their own, or with jam spread on top(naughty I know!)

The carrot snacks and tomato wheels are some of Tyler’s favourite crisps. There are no nasties in here and for £0.43 you can’t go wrong! Both flavours are subtle but still really yummy and they’re great for weaning babies(from 7 months) with aiding self feeding as they’re just the right size for little hands to grab a hold of.

Another staple in our house are the apple biscotti’s. I’m pretty sure these are Tyler’s favourite snacks ever, what can I say, the kid loves a biscuit. Unlike all the other snacks I’ve mentioned, these contain dairy, so I can’t personally tell you what they taste like, but the fact that Tyler doesn’t ever leave a crumb laying about from these says it all really. Coming in at just £0.34 for a 45 gram packet, these finger biscuits are a must have!

Lastly in the snack section, we have these soft oaty bars. I’d never seen these before until last month, so I can only assume that they are a new addition to the Mamia range. They come in three flavour varieties. Raspberry & Apple, Strawberry & Apple and Carrot Cake. Each box(£1.29) contains 6, 25 gram bars and I’ve tried them all and can confirm that they are delicious. Tyler loves them too and they’re super handy for when we’re out and about as they are individually wrapped, so I’ve been popping one or two in our changing bag recently.

Aldi Mamia food review | Love, Maisie |

When we first started weaning Tyler (over a year ago!) the first place I headed to was Aldi. I knew that they had some pouches available for first stage weaning but didn’t realise how many different options they had! If you’re currently starting to wean your little one, then I can’t recommend the Mamia pouches enough. Not only are the excellently priced(starting at just £0.49) but again, they’re organic and don’t contain anything nasty or unnecessary, just real food! As you can see, we still occasionally get some of the fruit pouches are these are great to stir into porridge or even yogurt.

Another great find was this Spaghetti with tomato and mozzerella sauce meal. There were two other meals available in store also but they both contained meat, so we haven’t picked those ones up. I’d not seen these meals available before until last month so again, I’m assuming that they’re a new addition. Tyler’s yet to try this, I’m planning on giving it to him for his dinner tonight, but priced at just £0.95 I’m sure we’ll be repurchasing these for some time to come!

Aldi Mamia Bath Range | Love, Maisie |

Probably one of my favourite products that we buy from this range is the bed time bath bubbles. We’ve been using this for over a year now and don’t have any complaints! £0.65 for this huge 500ml bottle last us a really long time! As you can see from the packaging, it’s suitable for newborns and has a tear free formula. Although it is very subtle, I love the scent of this and Tyler is obsessed with bubbles and it makes a fair amount with just a small dollop in the water.

Also for the bargain price of £0.65 the Mamia baby shampoo. We’ve not been using this for very long but we get on really well with it so far. Again, it has a subtle scent but works a treat and doesn’t sting Tyler’s eyes.

The Mamia range of wipes and nappies are some of our absolute favourites. Just like everything else I’ve shared today, they’re amazing value for money and the quality is top notch! The sensitive baby wipes are just £0.49 for a packet of 64 and we’ve recently discovered the extra sensitive wipes which claim to be as mild as cotton wool and water. Slightly higher in price, £0.65 for a packet, they remind me of a certain famous brand of “mild as water” wipes but at the fraction of a cost! I’d highly recommend purchasing some of these to take in your hospital bag if you’re currently expecting a baby.

Toddlers are mucky little pups, so having wipes in every bag is a must for me! I like these toddler toilet wipes(£0.55) for mucky hands and faces. The packets are slightly smaller/more compact compared to the regular wipes so they fit perfectly in my handbag. They’re flushable and biodegradable too so they will be perfect for when we start potty training.

Aldi Mamia Nappies review | Love, Maisie | Aldi Mamia Nappies review | Love, Maisie |

The Mamia nappies and easy pants are the cheapest but best quality nappies we have used in the last 20 months! A pack of 20 size 5 easy pants comes in at £2.04 and the size 5+ pack of 36 nappies £2.89. Isn’t that just an amazing price? The smaller the nappy size, the cheaper they are, so for example, a pack of 24 newborn size 1 nappies is just £0.89! That’s less than 4 pence a nappy, how crazy is that?!


I’d recommend the entire of the Aldi Mamia range to everyone! The prices are honestly the lowest I’ve found for the products and the quality is always amazing. Do you shop at Aldi? Do you love the Mamia range as much as we do?


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  1. I dont have kids but I use the mamia wipes for long car journeys and trips! Always comes in handy x x

  2. We use the nappies (though Emilia is in the size 6 already and has been for a while! And she’s only 14 mo!) and sensitive wipes have done since birth. We tried a couple of others along the way, mainly if we were out and in a different supermarket, but have never repeat bought any others. These are simply the best, and the cheapest!
    Now Emilia is older we also love the snacks. Can confirm the apple biscotti are delicious and I have been known to scarf a whole pack myself 🙁
    I wouldn’t go anywhere else now, and we also buy certain groceries there too. I can’t do the big shop there though, I find it too stressful, but we make special trips to stock up on baby stuff. Their baby event is ace too. x

  3. Oh I have tried their baby shampoo but their snack are amazing.

  4. I LOVE Aldi! I love their baby range. I am disappointed that my local Aldi doesn’t have the same range as yours!

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