Benefits and What to Look For: Prenatal Vitamins

Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Are you interested in helpful nutrition tips about prenatal vitamins for expecting mothers and those attempting to conceive? Have you heard of prenatal vitamins? Continue reading to learn more!

Vitamins and Minerals for Pregnancy

From attempting conception all the way to having the baby, there are many vitamins and minerals your body needs. These vitamins and minerals not only help the pregnancy but also improve the chances of conception for those trying to conceive.


If you are planning for a pregnancy, then one of the best vitamins to take is folic acid. This is an essential B vitamin that helps cells develop in your body and also gives you the ability to absorb food better. Folic acid may also help lower the probability of bone and spine problems with the baby. But we can’t talk about folic acid without also mentioning the importance of the mineral iron.


Iron is essential during pregnancy. Iron increases the number of healthy red blood cells in your body and those found in your developing baby. Its common knowledge that when you become pregnant you need extra food, but as we’ve learned it’s not just calories you need. Your body craves the extra vitamins and minerals that come from fruits and vegetables. This can be a challenge especially when you don’t have time to visit the store for fresh food. If you’re concerned about a lack of nutrients in your diet, there are, fortunately, ways to help and fill potential nutritional gaps!

Prenatal Vitamins

If motherhood is on the horizon, you will want to add a prenatal supplement as part of your daily routine. These supplements are formulated with the specific nutrients your body need to provide optimal nutritional support at every stage of pregnancy.


But how do I know which prenatal vitamins to get? First, talk with your primary care physician. Individual manufacturers of supplements do not know your medical history or individual needs.


Once you get the go-ahead to supplement your diet, you’ll find that there are so many companies who sell prenatal vitamins, so it can be challenging to know which ones are right for you.


The first thing you should look at is the vitamin and mineral content of the product you are considering. Look for nutrients like folic acid, calcium, iron, and vitamin D to name a few. More than that, make sure the product is from a company you can trust. If you don’t know where to start, you consider looking into products from Douglas Laboratories and Thorne Research, both of which may provide the quality natural health supplements like prenatal supplements you need, and so much more.