How we’re nearly at the end of another month is beyond me. Christmas is less than a month away now, eek! Fa la la la la, la la la la! If you missed last months happy moments post, you can read it here. November has been busy, like seriously BUSY. But I’ve still managed to sit down every night and write down my happy moments from each day, so here I am, sharing some of them with you guys!

Having a day at home ALONE

At the beginning of the month, my work rotas got a bit messed up, which left me with a day where Tyler would be at the childminders but I wouldn’t be at work. I decided to embrace the free time and had a day of chilling, getting house work done and blogging! It was actually really nice to spend some time in the house on my own, which is a real rarity these days!

Tyler absolutely loving bonfire night!

I was so apprehensive about bonfire night. I was fully convinced that Tyler would hate it and be scared by all the loud noises. But thankfully, to my surprise, he was in absolute awe of it! We met up with some friends of ours and headed our local display. The bonfire wasn’t interesting him too much, but as soon as the fireworks display started he was mesmerised! He wasn’t even phased by the bangs! I was so glad it had panned out this way and I already can’t wait for next year!

Cooking and baking with my mini me

One morning I decided that I was going to do some batch cooking, so I gathered my ingredients and began making a vegan shepherds pie. Normally when I’m cooking, Tyler isn’t interested but he kept coming over to me so when it came to making the mash, I popped the boiled potatoes in a large plastic bowl and let him help me mash them all together and he loved it!


A coffee and cake date

One Saturday Jack was feeling quite tired as he’d been in Scotland all week with work but I fancied getting out the house, so I took myself and Tyler off for a coffee and cake date! I had the delicious vegan friendly crumble from Coffee #1 which Tyler has never shown an interest in.. until now! Thankfully, I still managed to have at least half of it myself haha.

Finding a new gem of a cafe!

Myself and my friend Jenny had a good catch up over coffee whilst our little ones played in a cafe just around the corner from our house. We’d never been before but I’d heard that in their seating area upstairs they had a play area for children. It’s honestly the greatest idea I’ve seen in a long time! Complete with a play kitchen, loads of cars, books and so much more! Our boys were happy to play for the entire time that we were there(until Tyler discovered the stairs, obviously) and I already can’t wait to go back!

Getting confirmation on our house move

At the end of October I viewed a house and fell in love with it! It took a good couple of weeks but we finally got the full confirmation that we would be moving in this month, eek!


Having a family walk on The Ham

One cold Sunday morning, we all wrapped up and headed out for a family walk just around the corner from where we live. I’m loving being able to get out of the house on occasion without Tyler’s pram! As The Ham is basically a giant field, I didn’t have to worry about Tyler running into a road or anything like that and it was so lovely to watch him running around enjoying himself in the great outdoors.

Getting the keys to our new house!

We have moved! Eek! We got the keys to our new house on Friday and we’re officially moved in! I’m so excited to start our new life in our new home! We are still renting but I’m determined to show that you can make a rented house a home. I’ll be doing some blog posts on this topic but I’ve also launched a new Instagram account specifically for that purpose! You can find the account here.

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