We’re sure you’ve heard of this saying before. If you haven’t heard  it before, you’ve definitely repeated it over and over to yourself whilst you’re plucking your eyebrows, or doing something else that puts you in absolute agony. But it’s true, beauty definitely is pain, and there’s nothing better than when you have those days where you truly feel beautiful. But sometimes it’s easy to feel as though all of the upkeep us girls have to go through is just not worth it. Do you ever have those days where you just feel totally rubbish, you feel as though you look rubbish, and you would love nothing more than to hide your face away for the day? We all feel like that at one point or another, but beauty doesn’t always have to be a big ordeal. It’s sometimes about the little changes that we can make to our bodies that make us feel the best. Which is why we’re going to list some of them today. Some of these might be painful, but they will definitely make you feel more beautiful.

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Beautiful Additions

There are some beautiful additions that you can do to your body that will definitely show you why beauty is spain. We do all sorts of things to our bodies, and adding things to them is just one of the things we have to do if we want to feel beautiful. We’re talking about body piercings and tattoos, and you definitely have to have the stomach for them! Tragus earrings are definitely one of the most painful, but they just look so good on the ear. The rook piercing also goes through with a nice pop that will send shivers down your spine. But we think the more you have on your ear, the better you look! It just adds a bit of character to your looks. If you’re not a piercing person, then you’re probably a tattoo type of gal. We would definitely recommend taking more than enough time to decide what you’re going to have, and where you’re going to have it. There would be nothing worse getting something done that you pretty much can’t take back.


The Standard Maintenance

There are some standard maintenance things that we all have to go through, and some of you will do it in different ways. The most painful we have to do those is hair removal. If you shave, it grows back itchy and annoying, and if you cut yourself, the sting you feel is just not nice at all. So we want to introduce you to waxing. It will literally change your life if you get it done. You can wax pretty much everything, but one thing we definitely recommend that you get done that involves waxing is HD brows.


Focus On The Simpler Things

Sometimes it’s not all about the pain, you have to think about the simpler things that can make you feel beautiful. Simply having a skin cleansing routine to follow is something you might not do, but something that can make your skin look and feel so beautiful.