We might be a week into December but I’ve actually struggled to get into the Christmas spirit this year! Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year and I really do believe it is the most wonderful time. I thought it would be a good idea to sit down and think about some of the festive things I’d like to get up to in the coming weeks and of course, I’m going to share it with the internet!

  1. Attend a Christingle church service
  2. Bake my festive vegan doughnuts with Tyler
  3. Carry out as many of my random acts of kindness as possible
  4. Cosy up and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf 
  5. Make our own Christmas cards
  6. Dress Tyler up in some ridiculously festive outfit and take far too many pictures
  7. Start a new Christmas tradition
  8. Hand make a stocking for Tyler and Jack
  9. Buy a poinsettia plant
  10. Buy us all matching Christmas pyjamas
  11. Make homemade mulled wine(or cider!)
  12. Learn how to make a door wreath
  13. Play at least one game of Monopoly with my family(hint hint guys!)
  14. Purchase(second hand, #sustainability) a jigsaw puzzle and complete it!
  15. If we have snow, build a snowman family in our back garden
  16. Read a Christmas themed novel(recommendations much appreciated!)
  17. Build a fort with Tyler by our Christmas tree
  18. Dig out Tyler’s Christmas books from last year and make a mini Christmas library
  19. Craft a Christmas tree decoration with Tyler
  20. Arrange a night of drinks and nibbles in our new home with loved ones

Do you have a bucket list for this Christmas? I’d love to know if you’ll be doing any of these too!

MY FESTIVE BUCKET LIST 2018 | Love, Maisie |