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In the last few months, I’ve become really invested in trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I’ve spent much of my time reading and researching the hows and whys of all things low waste, zero waste and sustainability. There are a lot of great accounts on social media and even blogs that cover this topic in far much more depth than I ever could(I’m still only just learning!) but I thought I’d put together a blog post with some low and zero waste Christmas gift ideas.


I once read that we are a generation of investing in experiences rather than things. I certainly love experiences and have given them as gifts many times! I once bought Jack tickets to see The Wonder Years and Enter Shikari for Christmas and I’m pretty sure that earned me some serious girlfriend points!

So concert tickets are a great idea, but something like an annual pass would be amazing too! The national trust offer annual passes for a very small fee when you look at the amount of places it grants you entry at, many outdoors!

You could even keep it really simple and make a list of things that you could do for a person. For example, you could write the ideas out like tokens and they could use them as and when they wanted throughout the year! For example; doing the washing up, being in charge of the bins for the month or a countryside walk.

Reusable food/drink items

We’re always on the go aren’t we. It’s actually terrifying how many single use plastic water bottles, coffee cups and disposable cutlery we use as a nation. I recently read an article written for The Guardian(which you can read here if you’d like. It’s a long one but definitely worth the 10 minutes) which highlighted the fact that most plastic, which is what most of our single use bottles, cups and cutlery are made from, are either not recyclable and even when they are, plastics only have a certain amount of “recycling life” and cannot be recycled an infinite amount of times. In fact, they can be recycled very few times and made into very few different items/types of other plastics, before they ultimately end up in landfill.

So, a reusable water bottle, coffee cup and cutlery set could be a great gift to someone in your life that you know loves a takeaway coffee, or anyone that’s always on the go! There are so many options out there now when it comes to these items and many places on the high street sell them too.

Wooden over plastic

This ones for the children! If you’re purchasing toys for little ones this year, why not have a look at the wooden toy options available. Not only do they look wonderful(in my opinion anyway!) but they’re much more durable than plastic toys and are likely to last a lot longer. Wood is a natural material so of course it’s production is more beneficial for the planet than plastic toys. If you look into Eco-friendly children’s brands, you’ll find that their packaging is a lot more Eco-friendly too and shy away from the copious amounts of plastic that toys are often packaged in.

A brand that I’ve recently discovered are Ethical Kidz. You can check out their website here. They have such a wonderful variety on offer and something to suit all ages and budgets!

LOW/ZERO WASTE CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Homemade / Handmade

Why not bake some sweet treats for your family and friends this Christmas? I have a delicious brownie recipe and even a banana bread recipe that would be perfect for a zero waste gift this Christmas, cookies would work great too. Baking would work really well if you were spending Christmas day(or any other day around the festive season) at a friend of family members house that were cooking for you for the day, as not only will they get to enjoy a sweet treat but you could make a little more and offer it up to the other guests for dessert too.

The great thing about deciding to go handmade with gifts at Christmas is the fact that with Pinterest at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless! I’ve been watching a lot of the Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas episodes recently and it’s made me want to get crafty this year for sure. As for what you could make, a simple Pinterest search will return thousands of amazing ideas! I like the idea of making some handmade body products like a scrub or moisturiser! You could personalise the packaging for your recipient to make it extra special.


Will you be trying to buy low/zero waste Christmas gifts this year? I’d love to know and to know of any other ideas you may have!

LOW ZERO WASTE CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS | Love, Maisie www.lovemaisie.com