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In November when I shared my alternative advent calendar ideas, I talked a little bit about random acts of kindness. ‘Tis the season of giving and good will, so what better time of year to be kind and give back to people in your life? So today, I thought I’d share some ideas for acts of kindness that you could carry out over the next couple of weeks!

  1. Compliment a stranger (on their outfit, their smile or anything that catches your eye!)
  2. Pay for the next persons coffee order
  3. Tip your waitress/server/barista
  4. Offer to take your grandparent/relative out for the afternoon
  5. Empty your change pocket into a collection tin
  6. Smile at passers by
  7. Spend an extra 10 minutes with your child or loved one before bed
  8. Register to donate blood (If you’re in the UK you can do that here)
  9. Make a donation to your local food bank (You can find your local one in the UK here)
  10. Donate unused toys/books/clothes to a charity shop or children’s centre
  11. Leave little notes around the house for your loved one or family member
  12. Leave messages of positivity or encouragement in public places(such as bathrooms or on lampposts!)
  13. Send an anonymous flower delivery to someone in your life
  14. Make a bird feeder or leave birdseed out in your garden
  15. Help someone to carry their bags (to their car/to their front door/onto the bus)
  16. Volunteer to walk a dog from your local kennels/animal rescue centre
  17. Write a letter to someone that lives far from you and let them know that you’re thinking of them
  18. Offer to tend to your neighbours garden
  19. Bake a banana bread loaf and take it to an elderly relative or neighbour
  20. Pay for your waiter/waitress to have a drink of their choice at the end of their shift
  21. Let someone in front of you in a queue (in the bank/at the supermarket/in a coffee house)
  22. Take one of your friends children to the park for an hour or two so that they can have some time to themselves
  23. Give someone a copy of your favourite book to read
  24. Pick up litter(that is safe to do so) that you see in the street and bin it/recycle it
  25. Sat in the GP waiting room? Start a conversation with someone sat alone
  26. Thank an emergency services team by writing them a little note and leaving it on their vehicle
  27. Paint positive affirmations onto rocks and leave them in public spaces (likes parks/walkways etc)
  28. Offer to buy a coffee for a parent that you see might be having a tough day
  29. Buy or gather up blankets and give them out to homeless shelters or homeless individuals that you pass by
  30. Catch your bin men and give them some chocolates as a thank you!
  31. New neighbours? Take them over a bunch of flowers and introduce yourself
  32. Write a love letter to your significant other and give it to them when they come home from work
  33. If you are skilled in a trade, offer your time for free to someone who is just starting out in your industry
  34. Donate some of your unused Christmas decorations to a family who might not be able to afford to purchase any
  35. Invite someone over for Christmas dinner that may otherwise be alone on Christmas day
  36. Knitter? See if your local hospital or maternity unit is in need of newborn hats!
  37. Hide a couple of pound coins around Poundland
  38. Offer to take someone’s shopping trolley back to the shop front for them
  39. Surprise your family with their favourite sweet treat for breakfast one morning
  40. Comment something positive on a strangers social media post
  41. Clean a family members oven, even better if you can do it as a surprise just in time for Christmas
  42. Bake some brownies and take them into work with you for your colleagues
  43. Pass your car parking ticket onto a stranger if you’ve not used up all your time on it
  44. Snow? Get outside and clear your street so that all of your neighbours can get out of the house
  45. Make a generous donation to your church when you attend a festive service
  46. Take an elderly friend or relative to a church Christmas service
  47. Got a coat laying around that you don’t wear anymore? Give it to a person sleeping rough this winter
  48. Make a playlist for your best friend and link them to it when they’re having a bad day
  49. Old towels? Donate them to an animal shelter
  50. Be kind, to everyone, including yourself!

Are you going to be carrying out some random acts of kindness this festive season? What are some that you’ve already done? Let me know below! And don’t forget to pin this post for later!