TYLER IS 22 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com
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TYLER IS 22 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Hold the phone.. in less than 2 months time we will have a TWO YEAR OLD. 2018 has been the quickest year of my life, I’m sure of it. If you missed Tyler’s 21 month update you can read it here.


Tyler’s speech is really coming on in leaps and bounds lately! I’m pretty sure I’ve said that a few times now in these blog posts, but he’s still learning lots of new words and now when he’s babbling away to me, he’s looking at me with so much intention, like he fully understands exactly what it is that he’s telling me. I can’t wait until we can have real conversations together and I can’t wait to hear what sort of accent he’s going to have.

He’s 100% mastered the wooden building blocks that he took a shine to a few months ago. He can stack many of the long, thin ones on top of each other without it toppling over! The sweetest thing is that he claps himself after he places each new block on top of his tower, adorable!


You may know that we moved house at the end of November and I was fully prepared for that to royally mess with Tyler’s sleep. Thankfully, it hasn’t effected it too much(minus two nights that he stayed up gone 9pm, but that’s because he had no stair gate on his bedroom door and just kept wondering out!) but he is still waking in the night, anytime between 10pm and 3am and coming into our bed. I don’t mind this too much as it means that we all still get a relatively good nights sleep. Plus, I don’t worry about this “rod for my own back” business because a, I’m so used to having Tyler in our bed now and b, I know that he won’t be sleeping in our bed when he’s 18!

TYLER IS 22 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com


Tyler is certainly going through another clingy phase so again, I am one of his favourites this month. He’s started asking to be picked up a lot throughout the day. Of course, I’ve no problem with picking him up but he is quite a heavy child now and doing it constantly can really play my back up something awful. Despite the Peppa Pig wellies in these photos, it’s not a show that Tyler watches(they were a kind hand me down and we all know I love second hand!) but he does love muddy puddles! We’ve had some awful weather in the last few weeks and Tyler has loved splashing through puddles.. he especially likes to do so when he’s not wearing the appropriate foot wear, of course haha!

There is a new program on Cbeebies called Molly and Mack and it’s one of the only TV shows right now that he will sit right through. I’m personally not the biggest fan, but he enjoys it so that’s all that matters really!


All of the lovely bits aside, Tyler is still quite challenging. Even though he is able to communicate more now to let me know what it is he wants or needs, he still gets very frustrated on a daily basis, sometimes for the smallest of things. But hey, that’s the age, right?! Do you remember your little one at this age? Do you think they are similar to Tyler? I’d love to know!

If I had to describe Tyler in three words right now, they would be: energised, inquisitive and determined! 

TYLER IS 22 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

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