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ARTHAUS | Love, Maisie |

If you follow me on social media then you’re probably aware that we moved house at the end of November last year(how weird is it to say that now?) For the past month, we’ve been trying to really make our house a home by adding our personal little touches to things. Of course, we are still renting so we do not have complete rein on how “us” we can make it, but something that I’ve always found that expresses your personality through a home is artwork.

I was recently contacted by a company called Arthaus to ask if I’d like to take a look at their website and order one of their art prints for our new home. What I like most about Arthaus is that it houses a collection of art by artists from all over the globe who have complete control over the cost of their work. I think so many artists and even entrepreneurs sell themselves short so it’s lovely to find a nice big platform that still gives it’s artists such control.

The materials used to print the prints and build the frames are all of very high quality. Arthaus pride themselves on this and after receiving my framed print, I 100% agree. In fact, the frames are handmade by specialist who have a combined 100+ years of experience, so you know it’s in the right hands.

ARTHAUS REVIEW | Love, Maisie |

The print that I chose is titled “Avocado Discussion” and is available to buy here from £13.99. The artist is called “Sharon NYC” and is a visual designer from New York City. I like that there are little artist profiles so that you can find out a little bit about who has created your art.

What stood out to me about this print is the contrast between the very crisp, clear avocado image and the old fashioned style photograph gentleman in the background. I also found it a little funny as I imagine that this is what most people think that us vegans get up to in our spare time, analysing avocados.

There is such a variety of art available to purchase on Arthaus, including Abstract pieces, Surrealism and Collage Art. I’ve put together a little collection of some of my favourite prints below, I’d love to know which are your favourite?

ARTHAUS | Love, Maisie |

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Have you shopped with Arthaus before? Or will you be going to now? Let me know!

Arthaus review | Love, Maisie |

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