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Stylish and Elegant Antique Items for your Home

If you are a lover of fine arts and would like to integrate a few select antique pieces into your interior, this article was written with you in mind. There are so many furniture items and accessories that might have a place in your living space, and with that in mind, here are a few antique furniture items that would add some character to any interior.

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  • Grandfather Clock – Whether in the living room or foyer, a traditional grandfather clock can have pride of place and makes for an excellent feature. An elegant longhouse clock in either oak or mahogany would also be a wise long-term investment, and sourcing such an item is easy with online antique furniture dealers. You can browse an extensive collection of period grandfather clocks in the comfort of your own home, and when you find something of interest, you can arrange a viewing. 


  • Antique Sideboard – An ideal feature in a contemporary setting, they come in many designs, sizes and shades. Georgian oak offers a darker shade, while inlaid walnut for the 19th century introduces light brown, and whatever your chosen period, the online antique dealer can help you to source the ideal piece. There are informative articles online on how best to integrate antique items into a modern setting which you can refer to. Acquiring antique silverware to be displayed in an antique cabinet is another great idea to give a room some character, and your local antique dealer would have a selection of fine silver items. 


  • Antique Dining Chairs – If you have a modern dining table, why not mix with a set of classic antique chairs? Plush fabrics in deep reds or blues offer an injection of colour, combined with cherry or walnut finish that will add texture and depth to the room. Victorian rosewood is a perfect choice, while padded oak chairs are also attractive and would match with a modern dining table. 

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  • Antique Carpet or Rug – Another great way to fuse old with new is to acquire an antique carpet or rug, with a fine selection of Persian rugs that add character and colour, such as a Tabriz from the late 1800s. Turkish wool offers a plush softness and blends well with modern furniture. Kazak rugs are always in demand and by using an online antique dealer, you have access to many fine examples, thanks to the extensive network of UK antique dealers who have a strong online presence. 


  • Antique Dining Table – A main feature of the room, an antique dining table is a popular feature in many UK homes and can be paired with modern chairs to give you the perfect setting. Fine mahogany or rosewood grain does bring a touch of sophistication and with folding units, you can make the best of limited space. 

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Whatever you choose in the way of antique furniture, joining forces with an established antique dealer will make sourcing items easy, and once you find exactly what you are looking for, a secure online payment is all it takes to have the item shipped to your home address. 


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