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If you missed Tyler’s previous update, you can find it here.

Tyler is almost two | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Tyler is 23 months old to be precise. Well, I’m writing this about a week late so he’s even closer to being two entire years old now. Since Tyler was 3 months old, I’ve written an update for him here on the blog. I love writing these blog posts and I know that my friends and family enjoy reading them too, but I do think it’s time I changed things up a bit.

I’m going to introduce a new feature to replace Tyler’s specific monthly updates. It’ll be titled, “Recently…” Essentially, every month I’ll write a little round up of the month, what we’ve been up to as a family etc and include anything about Tyler that I’d like to share or that I think you might like to read about. A bit like a diary entry. One of the reasons for this is that if I continue with my post titles in this format, it’s going to start getting confusing past 24 months, even for me! Secondly, Tyler ‘s development is of course wonderful but it’s no where near coming through at the speed it was, say a year ago. That’s perfectly fine and normal, but it just means that I’m struggling to write down an entire blog post dedicated to milestones now when he isn’t necessarily hitting multiple  new milestones every single month.

I’m rambling, I didn’t really need to say all that but I will. This is my little corner of the internet and so of course I can write as I please, but I like to keep my wonderful readers in the loop, you know?

Tyler is almost two | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

So Tyler is almost two. Honestly, how has this happened? Where has my baby boy gone? Tyler is developing his own personality and character every single day and I am loving the little boy he is moulding into. He spends most of his days babbling away to me, with some clear words thrown in but mostly babble, playing with his toys and giving us all lots of cuddles. He’s affectionate, he’s determined, he’s stubborn, he’s intelligent and he’s persistent. I think most toddlers are the latter aren’t they, but I know that those five traits are things that both myself and Tyler’s dada have in us, so it’s no surprise that he know’s what he wants and when he wants it(usually, now!)

I almost feel like this is the end of an era, closing the little door on monthly specific milestone updates. But then again, it’s opening a new door, a door for us to have more adventures to document and remember fondly forever. So here’s to having a two year old, cheers. (Please.. send wine)

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