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If you have decided to experience the Trans-Siberian Railway, whatever route you take, you will require visas. While all nationalities must obtain visas for China and Russia, some do not need a visa when entering Mongolia, and it is best to check with your embassy regarding this. 

Choosing a Tour Operator 

Most Trans-Siberian tour operators will assist you in applying for visas, such as an established company that specialises in facilitating holidays for UK citizens, who will guide you through the online visa application process. If, for example, you are from the UK, stick to a UK based tour operator, as they have the experience to ensure a trouble-free visa acquisition, and as of January 2016, UK passport holders must apply for a visa to visit Mongolia. If you are Spanish, then a Spain based agency is advised, and so on.  

Your choice of tour operator that will help with Trans-Siberian Railway Holiday planning & booking will largely define the experience you will have, which is why it is important that they are both established and have a good name within the industry. Obviously, some are better than others, and you should be able to get an idea by browsing their website, as to the type of service they offer. 

Six Month Validity on your Passport

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This is a global rule, and no country will issue a visa into a passport that has less than 6 months of remaining validity, so make sure yours is valid for at least that amount of time. In the event there is less than six months until the date of expiry, apply for a new passport as soon as possible, which might mean you have to delay your trip.  

Online Visa Solutions 

The good news is that you can obtain your visa for any of the 3 countries on the route via embassy websites. If you want to handle your Mongolian visa yourself and are in the UK, the London embassy details is readily available online. By searching for the right embassy, you can quickly complete the forms and make a secure online payment, and should you have any difficulties, talk to your tour operator, who is there to help with every aspect of your holiday. 

A Special Visa Service 

Any reputable Trans-Siberian tour operator would have an association with a company that handles the visa application process on your behalf, although there is a fee for doing this. It does save a lot of hassle, which is why many tourists take advantage of the service, and this leaves you to focus all your attention on other essential preparations. 

Once you have your visas sorted, you can make your booking with confidence and begin to prepare yourself physically and mentally for what will be the train journey of a lifetime. Do as much research on the route as you can, which will prove invaluable while you are on the trip, and the tour operator’s website would have all the information you might need, including detailed information about particular stop offs along the route. 

Image Source: Pexels 

The tour operator will ensure that everything is in order and ready for your arrival, and with their continued support, your holiday will be one to be remembered forever.

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