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Our current family car is second hand. The car we had previous to that was previously Jack’s mums, that she had also purchased second hand. My mum has always bought second hand cars. So we’re a family who like to buy our cars second hand.. but why? I thought I’d put together a blog post highlighting the reasons why we buy our cars second hand and the benefits that you could have by purchasing your next(or first?!) car second hand.

The Price Tag

Of course, a car that has had a previous owner will cost you less, even if the car was only purchased yesterday! As soon as the car is driven off site, it looses value, in fact, cars lose most of their value in their first two years so if you find a car with a 17/67 plate, you’re probably heading for a bargain.

More Luxury For Less

This ties into the first point, but as you’re buying second hand and older, you might be able to purchase something a bit more luxurious than you would new, due to the price tag being lower. For example, £2,000 won’t get you very far at all in a new car dealership, it might just cover your deposit on a car, but you could outright purchase a second hand car that’s of the same brand and maybe even the a better model, as one you’d like to purchase new but for much cheaper!

You Can Haggle!

Haggling isn’t just for the carpet and handbag stalls on holiday, you can haggle anywhere and everywhere, so why not try it with your used car dealership? If you’re in the brand new Mercedes dealership, chances are you’ll be paying what the price tags tells you you’re paying, but with used cars you can almost always knock off a couple of hundred pounds at least!


I tried to research exactly how much product and fuel/gas/electricity goes into making one brand new car, but obviously this varies heavily from company to company. But think about how big of a machine a car is and how many different components it has. In the production process there’s iron that’s used for steel, aluminium, glass, lots of petroleum products that are used to make the plastics, rubber and so much more. So really, not sustainable at all is it. So why buy a brand new car, when you can purchase one second hand? If you drive a car you’re already contributing to climate change so if a car is something that you and your family NEED, buying second hand will be so much better for the planet.

If you’re in the West Sussex direction, then KAP Motors offers a wide range of used Nissan cars at their Brighton Centre, why not book a test-drive today! You might just find your dream car(for less!) Do you buy your cars second hand? What benefits do you find you gain from buying this way? I’d love to know!

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