DEAR TYLER, YOU ARE TWO | Love, Maisie |
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DEAR TYLER, YOU ARE TWO | Love, Maisie |

Dear Tyler,

Today you turn two years old. You are so different to the wobbly baby you were just a year ago. You’re now a confident, walking, talking toddler with more determination than I’ve ever seen in someone of your height.

It almost doesn’t seem possible that it’s been two entire years since you graced us with your presence earth side. A lot can happen in a year and you’ve certainly soaked up life like a sponge in the last 365 days.

You still like to crawl into our bed in the middle of the night.. every night. I don’t mind too much.. actually, I love our 2am snuggles, even if I do end up with bruises all over me from your strong little legs.

Your favourite things right now are are Hey Duggee, your play coffee machine and running about the house like an absolute lunatic. You don’t like fizzy drinks, even though you demand you try it every time you see me have one, but you don’t half love a fruit shoot. Cake’s a favourite too I suppose, but hey who doesn’t love cake.

Me and your daddy bought you a mud kitchen for your birthday and I already know you’re going to love it. We’re also throwing you a little birthday party today with some of our close friends and family and I can’t wait to see your little face when you see all your favourite people in one room.

One day you’ll be reading this and thinking, wow mum, you sure write a lot of stuff about me, and I do, but that’s because I think you’re pretty amazing kiddo. Everyday I sit and watch your little mind at work and I would do anything to have a day inside your wonderful little brain, to see how you see this magical world around you.

I feel oh so very proud to be your mama. It’s easy to see what a compassionate, caring and loving little boy you are developing into and I adore the time we spend together and I’m so excited to continue to watch you grow.

Know that no matter what, we love you little man and we always will.

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  1. Michele says:

    Lovely letter Maisie ❤️ xxx

  2. Michele says:

    Lovely letter Maisie ❤️

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