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Tips to Find the Right Tyres for Your Vehicle Type

There are plenty of different tyres that you can purchase if you drive a car that has been designed in Asia. Some of the leading Japanese and Korean car brands have become incredibly popular in Europe and – in many cases – they are built in the UK. However, because you can fit a particular tyre onto your car does not mean that you always should. Certain car makers recommend certain tyre makers for their vehicles. In some cases, they will even partner with a tyre manufacturer to develop a special tyre for a certain model. If you choose the right tyres for your car, then you will get better performance. What may be even more important for parents with kids in the car is the improved handling and safety you get from choosing the sort of optimised tyres that are available. What ones should you be looking for?
Good Tyres For Kia Drivers 
Since Kia merged with Hyundai in 2000, the car maker has tended to prefer certain tyre makers for its new models. Hankooks were fitted to most of the new Picantos that were initially made although a good number were also fitted with a set of Michelins, for example. Officially, Kia only cooperates with certain tyre brands but it certainly appears to favour some more than others. Of course, you can fit quite a wide range of different tyres to your Kia. To get Kia tyres at competitive prices, just head to the Point S website where all of the best tyre options will be displayed for you to peruse.
Tyre Choices for Nissan Drivers 
Nissan models like the Pathfinder were fitted with Dunlops when they were first made, mostly Grandtreks. These are a good option, but others afford just as much grip. Bridgestone B391s tended to be fitted to Micras that were sold in the UK and these offer a fair balance between durability and grip. Other brands that Nissan has teamed up with in the past include Michelin and Continental. However, there are other leading tyre brands you could choose, so look for special offers or take help of professionals.

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