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You might remember that last year I started sharing some of my favourite Instagram accounts here on the blog, I started with mothers and then shared home and interior accounts. Today I want to share some of my favourite accounts that are focused around sustainability.


I only recently found Sally’s account from The Good Trade newsletter(which I also encourage you to check out), where she shares snippets of her sustainable lifestyle, largely focusing on the fashion side of things. The tones in Sally’s wardrobe are serving me such inspiration for my own style right now! Follow @callmeflowerchild


I can’t remember where I found Macy’s account but I’m glad I did. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also a mama living a minimal waste lifestyle. As you can see, she shares a lot of statistics that I often share to my stories because I think sometimes seeing things like this written out does more to wake people up than other imagery. Being from Germany, it’s also interesting to see how low waste living can be achieved in another country too! Follow @hallomacy


Emma is one of my favourite people on the internet. Period. Not only does she post gorgeous photos but she really gets the conversation started in the comments section. From food waste, to plastic pollution, to nappies and ethical clothing, Emma’s Instagram is like a little hub of all things sustainable living. Emma is a mama of two with another on the way and I’m excited to watch her pregnancy journey through the gram as trying to live a low waste lifestyle when pregnant is something that I’ll be hopefully doing too someday! Follow @mamalinahere


Laura is such an amazing voice within the low waste community. Like many of us, Laura is passionate about our environment and is actually currently studying for a Master of Science in Environmental Protection and Management! On her Instagram, she shares ways in which you can be kinder to the planet but creating less waste and even created #lesswastewarriors for others to share their low waste wins etc! Follow @lesswastelaura


I first discovered Meera when I stumbled upon this video in my YouTube suggested box a couple of months ago. I loved her positive attitude so I decided to follow her on Instagram and am loving her posts. Another mother, she shares snippets of her real life and tips that you can implement into your family life to live your life with less waste. Follow @thegreenmum


Another conversation starter, Amanda shares her sustainable lifestyle through her Instagram account and regularly uses InstaStories to do this also. I’ve learnt so much from Amanda’s account, including how to make surface cleaner, that often the nicest home decor pieces are secondhand, decluttering is deffo something that I could do more of and that small, sustainable steps can and do make a difference. Follow @small_sustainable_steps  @wastefreewednesdays

An account that is dedicated to helping you create less waste. Waste Free Wednesday are constantly sharing smart ways in which you can decrease the amount of waste you produce. I always find such great tips and encouragement here! Could you go an entire day without creating any waste? Follow @wastefreewednesdays


Do you follow any accounts on Instagram that are focused around sustainability? I’m always on the look out for great accounts to follow so let me know! PS, you can follow me on Instagram here if you like.


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  1. Love this! I have been following Emma and Amanda a while and I agree – #ecoinstagoals 🙂 Following the others as well too.
    Ironically, if I did a similar list I would include you on mine – my first ecoswap was to Cheeky Wipes which I won on your blog, and since then you have inspired me to make a few other changes too, so thank you! Your @boobalou recommendation was much appreciated – got some great stuff from them which will be permanent swaps.

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