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Simple Car Tyre Tips for Safe Driving in Yorkshire and Other Areas

Whether you live on the east or the west of the Pennines, drivers in northern England face some of the toughest road conditions of anywhere in the country, especially in winter. If you drive on high or exposed ground, then you can go through snow and ice which may prevent you from seeing obstacles like potholes on the road ahead of you. There again, in many of the great northern cities, such as Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, York and Newcastle, there are damaged roads which have been waiting for years to be repaired. All of this can take its toll on your car’s tyres. What should you do to look after them?
Don’t Drive on Flats 
As well as causing your tyres to wear down more rapidly than they otherwise would, driving on under-inflated tyres means that you don’t have the level of control you ought to. Even a partially flat tyre is potentially dangerous if you need to swerve at the last moment. Therefore, you should keep them properly pumped up.
Confirm Tread Depth 
Driving on tyres which are wearing down – even if they remain street legal – means you have less grip. This can cause a problem on all roads, but especially exposed ones that you might find on the Yorkshire Moors, for example. Don’t wait until the last minute to exchange them. You can select your tyres in West Yorkshire from over here at Ossett Tyre House. 
Leave More Room 
If you are travelling on one of the major trans-Pennine roads in the region, such as the M62, the A628 Woodhead Pass or the A623, then you should always leave a gap in front of you. Road conditions can become treacherous on these roads so you need to hang back a little more. This will also mean you apply your brake less often which, in turn, helps to preserve the life of your tyres.

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