Whether you’re moving house or just looking to get more for your money, choosing which broadband package to purchase for your household can be a tough decision. Today I thought I’d put together a few things you should think about when deciding which broadband is best for you, to hopefully make choosing a little easier!

The Cost

No one likes spending unnecessary money. For many people, the cost of their internet package is the most important thing. For example, ee broadband have some amazing offers at the moment from as little as £21 a month which is a pretty good deal. How much can you afford to spend on your broadband? Is it something that you want to spend as little as possible on or are you willing to pay a bit extra to gain more benefits?

The Speed

What do you use your broadband for? Are you just browsing social media or are you using online gaming or streaming Netflix? If you’re streaming, downloading or using online gaming, you’ll probably want to pick a package with a high average speed connection. The speeds available will depend on your area and which provider you go with, but there are many comparison sites out there that will check the average speeds for your area for you, so it’s a good idea to run a search on that factor.

Large Household?

If there are more than just one or two of you in your home that will be using the internet at once, it’s a good idea to go for that higher speed connection also, and preferably a fibre connection if that’s available in your area, as multiple, simultaneous users can struggle to maintain a smooth connection on a low speed broadband.

Working From Home?

If you have days where you work from home, chances are you’ll need an internet connection to access your workplace interface through your browser, so you’ll want a reliable connection to ensure that you can work throughout the day. Choosing a reputable company will always be a good idea, but especially when you’re relying on your connection to be stable 24 hours a day. I frequently work from home and recently, my current broadband package isn’t cutting it, so I’ll be taking all my own tips and thoughts on board to help me look for a new broadband provider!


Did you factor in all of these things when you chose your broadband package? Are you thinking of switching providers? Who would you recommend?

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