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Even since before I started my low waste journey, I’ve collected glass jars. I’m talking coffee jars, pasta sauce jars, jam jars and anything else that comes in a glass jar shaped vessel. I collected coffee jars and drinks bottles for our wedding back in March to use as flower vases and I personally think they looked amazing. They cost me nothing and of course, they were jars I already had, so they were pretty low waste if you ask me.

Of course, buying your produce such as coffee beans/granules etc in no packaging at all is the ideal method for low waste living, however many of us do not have access to package free shops, like myself. Reusing is a big part of low waste and zero waste living. So I thought today, I’d put together a list of things that you can do with any old glass jars you have at home!


Flower pot

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Kitchen utensil holder

Pen pot

Money jar

Wedding decor
Glass jar wedding decor | Love, Maisie |
Photo from our wedding day, by Ryan Goold Photography

Bulk dry food storage

Sensory jars for children

Date night ideas jar

Drinking glass

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Fairy light decor

Overnight oats

Brownie in a jar

Food leftovers/meal prep

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Make your own candles

DIY Leaf Luminary

Toothbrush holder

If you really can’t find a use for an old jar or bottle, remember it can be recycled and although there are resources involved in recycling glass, there are a lot less resources needed vs. creating brand new glass. Glass can be recycled over and over again without loosing it’s quality, so it’s deffo a more sustainable option than plastic packaging. Will you be using your jars for any of these ideas?

Uses for old glass jars | Sustainable Living | Love, Maisie |

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